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Well I'm back from my boredom haitus...almost 4 years ago! lol It's good to be back!

I have 2 beautiful kids

I'm a school photographer


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Sapphic Cleric Report | 03/21/2018 2:39 am
Sapphic Cleric
Oooh, photography, that's awesome!! Have a great day!
Viguro Report | 02/28/2018 11:50 am
Yeah yeah, i know its just virtual thingy. but, still...
Anyway, you successfully makes me post comments on your profile xd
Viguro Report | 02/24/2018 1:30 am
Stop... It's cringy and I'll never hug a strangers stare
Viguro Report | 02/22/2018 10:09 am
Uhh...Hello. (Feels awkward yet?)
Rape Coated Lip Gloss Report | 02/19/2018 6:49 pm
Rape Coated Lip Gloss
O_o Thank you! emotion_bigheart
Audri Sciuto Report | 01/31/2018 11:12 am
Audri Sciuto
lol I personally stopped counting after the first 12 I got, but now it seems some anonymous benefactor has donated a bunch as well, it's all I seem to get anymore for the past day or so xd
PrincessTokyoMoon Report | 01/28/2018 2:39 pm
I'm glad that this was helpful for you!!! heart Learning what terms fit you is always such an emotional experience heart heart heart
Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko Report | 01/27/2018 5:44 pm
Sundgu Ki Honei Suenko
Its nice to meet another person from florida.
Thank you for the gift and you welcome.
PrincessTokyoMoon Report | 01/27/2018 11:39 am
No need to apologise! I'm still questioning and confused about lots of things myself! ^_^
But Grey-ace is basically like, fluid asexualtiy. Your "default", or are primarily, asexual, however, occasionally something will cause you to feel sexual attraction.
Or at least, that's how it is for me. It's a broad label, and there are varying definitions that also fit under it.
For example, demisexuality (sexual attraction to someone only after forming a close bond with them), is a type of grey-ace.

The first result that comes up when you google grey-ace, comes up with this general description of grey-ace:

"Sexuality is not black and white; some people identify in the gray (spelled "grey" in some countries) area between asexual and sexual. People who identify as gray-A can include, but are not limited to those who:

---do not normally experience sexual attraction, but do experience it sometimes
---experience sexual attraction, but a low sex drive
---experience sexual attraction and drive, but not strongly enough to want to act on them
---people who can enjoy and desire sex, but only under very limited and specific circumstances

Similarly, some people who might technically belong to the gray area choose to identify as asexual because it is easier to explain. For example, if someone has experienced sexual attraction on one or two brief, fleeting occasions in their life, they might prefer to call themselves asexual because it is not worth the bother of having to explain these one or two occasions to everyone who asks about their orientation."

For me personally, I have never felt sexual attraction (although I have felt romantic attraction on numerous occasions), except for in the case of 4 people - 2 "famous" people, and 2 friends (1 of whom is now my boyfriend <3)

Sorry that this is a little bit long! And I struggled to find better explanations than that (I'm sleep deprived atm ngl xD)
But I hope this helps, and feel free to ask more if you'd like to know!
jonjon21428 Report | 01/25/2018 12:28 pm


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