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Total Value: 653,279 Gold, 15,000 Tickets
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Item List:
Crown Mood Bubble
Birthday Crown
Rose Guardian
Winter Rose
Two Turtle Doves
Black Scene Glasses
Black Tie
Blue Sweetheart Teddy
Gold Promise Ring
Kitty Slippers
Trendy Dark Skinny Jeans
Gold Mountain Blue Vest And Shirt

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No items equipped.


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Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/18/2011 6:50 am
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/17/2011 8:29 pm
why ? eek
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/17/2011 8:25 pm
yay -hug- xd
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/17/2011 7:37 pm
oh well do you need a hug? xd
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/17/2011 7:29 pm
why are you sorry?
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/17/2011 7:11 pm
because this stupid baster sent me a pm saying im going to get banded if i don't post my username and password on it -.- im not that ******** stupid
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/16/2011 7:58 pm
um i got a qustion................do you think im stupid?
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/16/2011 7:48 pm
k what ever
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/16/2011 7:44 pm
''i used to be rich''
Fiithstep v2 Report | 08/16/2011 7:41 pm
lol i have is 5k gonk

my honey i love her to death and never want to let her go :)

Me awesome avi