Uno.) you MUST be in our friendlist to join the contest.

Dos.) you need to send two pictures. your MODELING picture & a picture where your SMILING. you need to COMMENT your picture in a JOURNAL entry.

Tres.) YOU can vote for YOURSELF once. Ten votes max PER DAY.

Quatro.) No hatinq on other people pictures no racism Or what ever just no FAKES !
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jhey marri got banned add her new account por favor ! -
-lannhu !

alright alright alright , this profile isnt to show of the noob avatar we have . if you HAVENT noticed this is a MODELING CONTEST . you dont have to be RICH to join ! NOOBS are accepted . NO hateration tolerated . any RACIAL , HATEFUL comments will be DELETED or IGNORED or DISREGARDED. please respect ALL applicants & the MODERATORS which would be myself & Lan . I , Jheymarri use to be in beauty pageants all MY LIFE . there will be pictures of myself with my trophies AND queen crowns ! so dont think im fake ! Lan & myself are very well experienced ! & now we are giving you guys a shot to show what you`ve got !
We are not going to allow fakes or any B S like that hun dont accuse people of being fakes on this just because some one is prettier than you doesnt mean they a fake KAY(; ? yeee & no hating i dont know how many times i got to say that and nigguh read the damn rules over there look to your left ! if your confused read the rules dont PM us question only comments Kay(; unless its personal or reall important Pm us Ok we did this for fun oh-kay ? Some people like me are real-prfessional TEEN ! models ok so just because Well durr if a girl is a model dont you thinkk the modeling agency is going to advertise there name well that what the little writing in the corner is BTW for those who dont know that well byebye sexy people process what i just told you in your brain amor
LanNhu&Jheymarrii !

Respect the owners please ! [Staciee(AKA)LanNhu]iiBanqalex!
[Jheymarri Castro(AKA)Jheymarri]FxckinLegit !

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  • objectives : to show yourself off !
  • PRIZE ? : 2k