your bedside nurse

I’m just going to let my brain express itself for once. Here are some things you might be interested to know about me! (or, what I think is interesting about myself, in any case):

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Basics: 1995, female, Asian & in real life registered nurse (graduated college on June 2016 and passed the Nurses Licensure Examination on November of the same year). My name is Mary Knoll, or as I have renamed myself “MK”. Please call me MK, I much prefer it. I’m horrible at introductions and hardly ever know how to describe myself aside from just saying my name and the city I live in. I've been playing Gaia Online since 2008.

My Zodiac Sign and Personality: I am a full blood Scorpio. Everything that describes Scorpios describes me. I am possessive; therefore I get jealous. I hold grudges as if it’s the only floatation’s device I can find when I’m drowning.

I like talking, so comment and PM for me. Add me as a friend? Sometimes I can be really quiet. Yes, I am a little bit awkward. I have a soft spot for cute things, and I like giving little kids hugs. I’m not mean, so don’t be sturd to talk to me. We all know how to read and write, so we should probably use that. So, I guess that’s all I have to say. You can add me on Facebook and Tumblr too! If you like..

(click here for more photos of me lol)