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My name Is:Olivia
My age Is:Younqqqqqq
My bestie Is:2 many 2 name
Taken?:No ;3
Fav color be:BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*x_NiCkY has signed in* eyyy i b hackin my girl Olivia~She duh awesomest,funniest,talented,smartest girl i eva met x33 Of Course She b Muh Bestie!! <33 MeSs WiT hEr U & Me 5:00 PlAyGrOuNd B tHeRe BiSh!! && i b bringin Officer Pat!! x]] && MuH cReW 2! ThEy b TiGhT! anyways---me && Olivia b the best! *x_NiCkY has signed out*
*JaZzYmInE has signed in* YO! my name b Jasmine and i b hackin one of my besties Olivia!! when me,her,and Nicky r close by each other we b funny!! we ♥ yo mama jokes which Nicky comes up wit!! we b teh best friends eva!! Mess wit her and u get played around wit! *JaZzYmInE has signed out*
*Shontae b my name has signed in* OLIVIA!! i b hackiin my bestie!! imma make tis quick as hell!! Olivia muh bestie & she the best friend u can eva have!!!!! she b in teh funny crew we have in school && they b 2 many 2 count thats from teh crew!! well GtG bye Olivia! <3 u girl!! *Shontae b my name has signed out*

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