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Hola! Bienvenidos a mi página de inicio. I wanna to talk about some things about myself..so please enjoy!

1. I speak English and Spanish. biggrin

2. I love all genres of music (especially Reggae music), but except for hip-hop, rap, and this new go-go music! Yucky!

3. Every Friday at my house is Chipotle night! YUM! biggrin

4. I love to watch romantic and action movies (well mostly ANY type of movies) and read books, mostly classics such as Jane Eyre and teen novels such as Matched. biggrin

5. My favorite stores are Deb and Wet Seal! biggrin

6. I don't have a favorite pattern is floral biggrin

7. I am a born actress. I love acting. Acting is a passion in life. One day, you will see in lights..again! Yes, I had my name in light before. I did a performance near a theater and others and me were in lights!! biggrin

8. I really like to play Balloono on OMGPOP! It's really fun! biggrin

9. I love, as you can see by my name, LOVE FRAPPUCCINO! Especially Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Yummy! biggrin

10. I always loved nightgowns and I want a lot of them. But, wearing XL or XXL T-shirts are good. biggrin

11. I play the djembe. biggrin

12. I do wish I could visit Florence, Italy, St. Lucia, and Jerusalem one day (sounds hard to believe! Never been to those places before). Mostly I wanna go to Jerusalem, the holy place. biggrin

13. One day, my dream thing is to ride on a camel! biggrin

14. I am a Christian!! biggrin

15. My favorite Youtuber is Pewdiepie! biggrin


17. In real life, I wear a sisterlocks! It's like locks, but smaller and for women/girls. On Gaia, I have dreadlocks...I believe any type of locks look good on everyone. biggrin

18. FAVORITE BAND: Il Volo. They are an Italian group that sings Operatic Pop. It's so beautiful the way they sing (definitely better than One Direction) and there looks are beautiful as well. biggrin

19. I am all into water sports! I want to try each and every sport that deals with water. The only things I know are swimming and diving (if you count volleyball, then that's the thrid one I know).. I want to go surfing, play water polo, etc.
According to my family, I am a water baby/child of the family. biggrin

20. Please friend request me if you like to be an actress, loves international food/culture, loves reggae, or love movies just like me! biggrin




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Lady_Cersei Report | 05/05/2021 10:32 am
Fifi43 Report | 08/08/2012 10:23 am
I Just Got It! I Didnt Know U Posted Two! And Yes Sometimes i Get Bullied A Lot... On The Bus Im Made Fun Of For Being Asian, At School Im Teased Because i Liked This Dude Who Tricked Me Into Liking Him ._.
Fifi43 Report | 08/07/2012 5:56 pm
surprised Yur A Guy??
Fifi43 Report | 08/06/2012 9:20 pm
Omg! Me Too! My Parents Are Always Like Ooooohhh! When i Pick Out Romance Movies ._. So Now i Just Watch Them On My iPod. And Duct Tape Shoes Are Awesome! I Like Making Origami Things ^-^ I Make Hearts, Cranes, Cats, Etc. razz Too Bad Your Parents Dont Like You Wearing Your Shoes. When i Pick A Randon Outfit Which Is Usually Really Color But Cute) My Parents Say No Because: Your Jeans Are Too Tight Or Your Shirt Is Kinda See Thru
Fifi43 Report | 07/26/2012 5:48 pm
I Really Like Romance Movies Too heart
Romantic Comedy Is Good Too. But i Hate Action! Its Too Much Violence And Stuff >.<
Fifi43 Report | 07/22/2012 10:09 pm
Omg! Were So A Like! ( sweatdrop Sorry That May Sound Weird xD ) But I LOVE "The Nine Lives Of Chloe King" And Yes! I Think Alek And Chloe Should Have Ended Up Together! Alek Was So Sweet. And It Would Be Depressing Loving Someone But Never Kissing Them... Brian Was A Little Weird. And I heart The Hunger Games, Wicked (ESPECIALLY THE SONGS!) And Imma Coffee Lover! Also Christian.
EllaElegance Report | 04/27/2012 11:52 am
It's just the way I read, in elementary school, sometimes the teacher would call for recess and I wouldn't even hear her, so all the kids would be lined up and I'm still sitting at my desk, reading away, while they all waited for me.
Casual Coquette Report | 04/26/2012 1:42 pm
Casual Coquette
You seem majorly awesome! Cute profile!! heart
EllaElegance Report | 04/25/2012 6:41 pm
My math book... I get too caught up when I'm reading, and I don't do any homework, so I have decided to only read during the breaks. It sucks.
EllaElegance Report | 04/24/2012 7:14 pm
Your welcome!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I'm in the middle of Les Miserables right now, my aunt is in love with it!!!

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