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About Me.

I ish Princess Mizzy of the WG.
Because Amelia said so.

Sorry, I've left Gaia. ): But I'll still check-in once in awhile. <3

Man, I need a new username.

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syrichtalaze Report | 08/12/2012 6:06 pm
Hello! biggrin
nyappyxchan Report | 08/12/2012 12:07 pm
Thank you for the purchase!
Be NYAPPY heart
RA60419 Report | 08/11/2012 11:34 am
Thank You for your purchase! Please come again~! heart biggrin
Nii Amikasame Report | 04/30/2011 3:53 pm
Happy Birthday! heart
Sakurasaur Report | 08/05/2010 1:23 pm

Hello, dear.
[. Turtle-Grl .] Report | 07/14/2010 6:51 am
Raskolnikova Report | 07/11/2010 7:28 pm
Hehe, aw, thank you. The signature says "I am Raskolnikova. I am your death." in Serbian. <3
Nii Amikasame Report | 07/10/2010 1:27 am
I come back to check on Gaia and discover there are Animated items. WHAT IS THIS?!

This is madness!
Riyokuma Report | 02/06/2010 6:56 pm
Mizzy! <3
Macabeak Report | 08/05/2009 1:14 pm
Ahh, dang.

Haha xd That sounds so strange...! But still cool xd


I ish Princess Mizzy of the WG.
Because Amelia said so.

[b:13feb00761]Hello, hello WG, long time no see! Just popping in quickly to see how things are. 3nodding [/b:13feb00761]