According to Mr. Micah Armstrong, these are some of the reasons you will be sent to hell, just so we're all clear, we'll out number the angels for sure.

Pot Smoking
Cigarette Smoking
Alcohol Drinking
Guitar Playing
Having a Tattoo
Showing Cleavage
Showing Bellybuttons
Girls Showing Their Knees
Girls Showing Their Elbows
Girls Wearing Tight Pants
Girls Wearing Miniskirts
Being Blonde
Being Fat
Kissing on the Mouth before Marriage
Holding Hands before Marriage
Groping Breast before Marriage
Having Premarital Sex
Having a**l Sex
Having Oral Sex
Being Homosexual
Judging People (He wasn't though, he was being honest)
Being Selfish
Playing Sports
Women Working
Watching BET
Watching MTV
Watching VH1
Watching TNT
Associating With Hollywood
Listening to “Gangsta Rap”, Techno, Christian Bands, and Rock and Roll
Believing in Evolution
Being Catholic
Being Jewish
Being Buddhist
Being Methodist
Being Protestant
Being Mormon
Being Muslim
Being Hindu
Being Agnostic
Being Atheist
Being a Woman (they're still paying for Eve's sin)
Being In a Sorority or Fraternity
Owning a Pet
Sin, Have Sinned, or Plan on Sinning in the Future

Based on Micah's prediction Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Martin Luther King are already there.


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The heart and its passionate drum roll
The black horse of blood
The blind horse, the run away horse
The carousel of night and the water wheel of terror
The scream at the wall and the cracked lightning

The un-shattered body with sharpened thought
The sorrow I question everyday and that never answers
The sorrow that never leaves and that wakes me each night
Measureless nameless sorrow
The pin and the pierced eyelid
The eyelid of a day badly lived
The hour stained, the tenderness drooled
The crazy laughter, the lying whore
The solitude and the world

The arena of blood and the lance and the jeering
The sun on the wound
The hairy star on the stagnant water
Rage and its gobbled bile
The thought that rusts
And the gangrenous writing
The longed-for dawn and the muzzled day
The ridiculed night and its gnawed bone
The horror always repeated and always new

The glass of water, the tablet, the tin-plated tongue
The ant heap in the middle of a dream
Black cascade of blood
Stone cascade of night
The brutal weight of nothing
The hum of engines in the enormous city
Far and near and far in the suburb of my ear
The apparition of the eye and the grimacing wall
The apparition of the crippled meter
The broken bridge and the drowned man

The circular thought and the family circle
What did I do, what did you do, what have we done
The labyrinth of gutless guilt
The accusatory mirror and the silence that turns gangrene
Sterile day, sterile night, sterile pain
Promiscuous solitude, uninhabited world
The waiting room with no one in it
Road transversed and reversed
Life has gone on without looking back

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