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hey! OMG YOUR ON MY PAGE!<3 kuddos to u XD* que dramadic music*
hello my fellow plebians!( i just had to say that) well u probley know me since your on my page, but hey random-person-who-just-came-to-cheak-out-profiles your welcome to.yup yup. * nods head in mindless agrement* anywhoo.... im a very random person. yes i do go yelling out if i see a airplane.those things are fascinating O.< lets see....well i am 5,4" , i have brown eyes and very very short blond hair. yes i did bleach the banges with landrey bleach( hey i was curious on what would happen!) cause and effect.Apparently it dosent work that well. i suggest u use proxide instead. not that im a expert in hair products x]. i do have a obssesion with japan, i know im a otaku.( no need for u to point that out). i also have terriable eyesight, i cant see 2 feet in front of me without seeing double and blurry, yeah i do trip and fall down alot 8B. so please dont take off my glasses. well im a very nice person...in my opinion, yeah heh heh (omg i sound like a pyscopathic killer, oh my)
if u cuss me out...idk i might just walk away or cuss u back in greek( i have a lovley vocabulary in this dielect) XD or arabian( i only know a few words, but there very effective) or spanish(sorta fluient) or pig latin( that is hard geez)
other than that im a very nice person at heart, well sort of...ANYWAYS ITS NOT LIKE U CARE!hahah
if i randomly glomp u it happens! i do that.....fine alot, well lets get back on to the tour, TALLY HO!
~MCR( i own their album "welcome to the blck parade" my fave is "the sharpist lives" i can qoute this whole song )
~3 days grace( i own their album one x( i went and bought it dev,thx for letting me borrow it!)my fave is "over and over", i also like "time of dying")
~evanesence( i own their album fallen, my fave is "bring me to life", and "haunted"
~never shout never( trouble & happy )
*theres lots more but those are my faves <3 O.O O.o
*oh i am not emo/goth just because i lisen to this music, the lyrics are just amazing( helllooo i like agua and lady gaga, so how am i a" emo goth poser" again? I SWEAR BY MY FRILLY FLOWERLY BONNET I WILL END U!-INSIDER lolz

-my likes are <3~
~DIFFERENT COLOR SOCKS!! i have many types, stripes, pigs, gir, strawbarrys, jack, sally, snowfalkes,penguins: the stranger they are the most likely ill have them >.<
~my pets( luna,bear,nightmare,nugett,hamtario)(R.I.P.GP)
~fma(thanks jess for getting me hooked, im still gonna come over to *steal* your toharu cosplay, jk jk jk, wait no im not)
~garra(I <3 HIM SOOO MUCH,i even have garra bedsheets. i yet to buy a plushie of him!)
~kingdom hearts( 1,2,chain of memories & 364/2 days, thx zack for getting me hooked, why u were even there when i drew my first manga eye(yu gi yo, it was popular back then)
~final fantasy(VINCENT IS MINE! BATHIER 2! RAWR!)
~horses( still love them bazaar)
~art( any type) ~garra( ITS MY LISTso i can put him twice)
~love stories( i am a shojo girl at heart)
~rpg games*squeel*
~prince of persia(ps3)
~mirrors edge(ps3)
~my sewing machine, ariel( ariel from the temptest, hellooo shaksphere, i do not like the little mermaid, I WANT TO BE A FAIRY NOT A MERMAID)
~cosplaying( i have gone as hinata,roxas,ed, sakura,naruto,a school girl)
*well theres lots more i just got bored of writing*

~john spooner( still hate u even across the country)
~mustard( disgusting ewww)
~hamburgurs( i do like steak i just hate the hamburgur part)
~crutons( who dosent?)
~kids who break there cell phones just to get a new 1 ( I CAN COMPLAIN ALL DAY ABOUT THEM U SPOILED LITTLE BRATS)
~hypocrates( i am a hypocrate, i hate u for pointing that out)
~people with zero since of humor( come on i like the funnies)
~my brother( the small 1)
~people who make fun of my height( yeah 5,4 big deal, so im short for my age( actully my height is normal,per say my doctor, u people r just giants)..that does not give u the right to pick me up and twirl me around like im a doll., that seriously pissed me off when u did that thomas.i mean piggie back rides are fun, but when u pick me up like a baby , walk around the house with me in your arms, then through me over your shoulder( u crossed the line buddy).DUDE YOUR 6 FEET AND CAN PICK UP 300 HUNDRED POUNDS! HOW AM I ABNORMAL?!@#$%
~cheerleaders( they scare me with all there false smiles)
~santa clause( have u hears the song santa is coming to town, its kinda stalkerish)
~people who hate vegains( i love all my vegain friends thank u very much)
* yeah there is alot more but im bored again)XD

so if your a total stranger just commenting, hola right back at yah =)
yup thats it i think


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marvelous579 Report | 01/30/2011 5:14 pm
Hello my dear!♥ how is that boyfriend of yours doing? rofl
IcedLife Report | 04/07/2010 4:14 am
yesh yesh i did.
Sparkly Tits Report | 02/01/2010 7:44 am
Sparkly Tits
Why? I'm kinda stressed out myself.
DarkLoverDeven Report | 02/01/2010 7:13 am
HI!!!!!!! ^^
DarkLoverDeven Report | 01/17/2010 11:17 am
can u call me i need someone to talk to
Sparkly Tits Report | 01/05/2010 3:23 am
Sparkly Tits
Sparkly Tits Report | 01/04/2010 3:33 am
Sparkly Tits
Let me see it biggrin DD
Sparkly Tits Report | 01/02/2010 8:54 am
Sparkly Tits
I have lots of crap on mine and I still got in XD
Sparkly Tits Report | 01/01/2010 5:52 pm
Sparkly Tits
EPIC! <3
Sparkly Tits Report | 12/31/2009 2:01 pm
Sparkly Tits
Haha. oh wow.


this is mary my bf in school, she helps me alot since i have a major compulsive disorder