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Birthday: 01/01

My goal. Asking for a little help, perhaps?


Friendship is Magaic

My name is Nellie, but you can call me Nells or JoJo.
I love music (as you can plainly see). Favorites are:
Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Simple Plan, Avenged Sevenfold and Skillet.
Least favorites are:
Pretty much anything that's Dupstep (That annoys the crap out of me).
I have A dog named Walter, two goldfish named Goldy and Tigress, and an algae sucker named Sir Perry Sucksalot.
My three favorite songs are:
Welcome to the Family (Avenged Sevenfold), Dear Agony (Breaking Benjamin), and Red Solo Cup (Toby Keith).
You can call me emo, punk or depressed, it doesn't hurt anymore. I'm free to be myself and so are you. Labels are for cans, and as you can plainly see, I am not a can.
Favorite quote:
"I love my haters because my haters make me famous."
Favorite person:
My Crazy.
Favorite internet meme:
Y U No guy.
(And by the way…NONE of these pictures are mine. 3nodding So, due to a lot of complaining and butt-hurting, I feel it's mandatory to give full credit to the owners of these beautiful pictures. Thankies, have a nice day.)

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Dark Hallow617 Report | 06/27/2013 3:42 pm
Dark Hallow617
Dark Hallow617 Report | 06/15/2013 3:38 pm
Dark Hallow617
Hai sis^^
Dark Hallow617 Report | 11/01/2012 3:08 pm
Dark Hallow617
pm me nell
Dark Hallow617 Report | 07/27/2012 5:08 pm
Dark Hallow617
i cant call u ur number doesnt work
The- Almost -Last-Uchiha Report | 06/15/2012 10:33 pm
The- Almost -Last-Uchiha
Babe I'm usin my friends account for the moment I'm Srry my mom took away my iPod I won't be able to talk u for a while but give me time I'll be wit u soon for some weird reason I can't sign in to my account so I used my friends but don't let this be a set back or break up I still love u I'm just a bad a** tht never learns remember I still love u and take care k love u -randy AKA- ur love
bunnyboo212 Report | 05/13/2012 9:08 pm
Face song by simple plan! GO!
bunnyboo212 Report | 05/06/2012 9:04 pm
I loves me da simple plan:::
Dark Hallow617 Report | 04/29/2012 12:05 am
Dark Hallow617
Phone number so I can txt u Plz I'm bored
Dark Hallow617 Report | 04/28/2012 11:43 pm
Dark Hallow617
Hey Nell it's been awhile wat u been up 2
Dark Hallow617 Report | 03/31/2012 5:08 pm
Dark Hallow617
Hehe its been awhile nell its me micheal with lindon do u really want him back randy is nothing hes weak join us we will rule
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Dark Hallow617

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