Me in a Box

Autumn breezes
lift her spirits, shine on,
shine on,
little autumn leaf
sing hello to the morning dews
beauty lasts forever in her eyes,
teardrops of the golden sun

Haha, wait, what? So that made no sense. And that obviously did not answer the question of the section: "Who the heck are you?"

Well dear, here comes my answer.


Who the heck are you?
My name is Milo. Really? No. but you may call me that. In fact, please do. I came up with that nickname myself, and it makes me feel special. >w<

How old are you?
I am, I am. If I trust you, I will tell you.

So what was up with the opening poem thingy?
I try to be an individual by copying everyone else.

Your sticker stuff is ugly. Get a pretty background.
Okay, so this very obviously is not a question. As it turns out, my friends not too long ago helped me get my profile so I could express myself through -borrowed- images from photobucket. [thanksguys!] The human soul in itself is raw, ugly, and pure, but that is what makes it beautiful.

What do you like?
Well, my ugly stickers will tell you some things. :3 I like rainy days, big, old books, food, learning, writing, singing, and thinking.

What do you not like?
Oh, how can I word this without sounding too...oh, what's the word...? Dainty. I don't like anime or manga too much. I know, burn me at the stake. I don't absolutely love it when people shove their beliefs in my face. Twilight is over for me. It just is. I don't like hot weather. I absolutely abhor it when I fail at things. I don't appreciate it when people turn up their noses at others, for whaever reason. There, I think that list suffices.

You're so smart.
Again, I believe this is technically a statement. Thank you. I do not wish it to be pointed out, but thank you.

The wind-whipped branches
caress my skin with leafy tendrils
and softly whisper,
Au revoir, mon cherie.