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Birthday: 06/19


About me

Hi guys! I'm 15 going on 16 years old.
I am a bit shy but I will be more open if we get to know each other, so talk to me first ok?
(But be warned, I can be a little mean at times when under huge amounts of pressure.)
I'm becoming an active member of Gaia so please visit my quest thread! It's in my signature.
I'm starting to play zOMG again, so PM or comment me where and I'll be there!
I recently became the Captain of the Gosh Gaining Gold! guild. Anyone who wants to ask anything about the guild can always PM me!

These are my dream avatars. Please help!

I'm currently questing this one
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If you guys would give me an awesome profile layout, I will give you gold! :3

Have a great day everyone! ♥


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Feel the Booty Report | 01/21/2014 3:12 pm
Feel the Booty
Are you still on Gaia or have you been hacked/banned? (I'd like to give you a message from a certain person)
destinyswonders Report | 07/30/2013 10:38 am
goodluck the guild will miss you
Yer Waifu Report | 04/28/2013 2:42 am
Yer Waifu
Yes, please! ^^
sweetcookies24 Report | 04/15/2013 7:40 am

anyways I was browsing around and saw your avi and thought 'WOW, How pretty!'
Nooo, we don't know each other and this was just a random comment about how amazing you look XD
sweetcookies24 Report | 04/02/2013 10:31 am
You're avi looks ptty cool
AkikoKagawa Report | 03/26/2013 10:34 pm
npppppp ;DD 3nodding
AkikoKagawa Report | 03/25/2013 11:37 am
no problem!! 3nodding
Ichigo Kurosaki 2013 Report | 03/23/2013 9:04 am
Ichigo Kurosaki 2013
thanks and is ok you welcome ^^
Ichigo Kurosaki 2013 Report | 03/23/2013 8:17 am
Ichigo Kurosaki 2013
aw no you not you look cool so surprised smile
Ichigo Kurosaki 2013 Report | 03/23/2013 8:06 am
Ichigo Kurosaki 2013
i am good not much bored and looking around


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This profile layout is just temporary.

This profile layout is only temporary.
Wanna give me one?
I'll give you gold <3

Quotes that I love

Good friends are like stars,
you can't always see them
but you know that they're always there

Just because I'm busy
Doesn't mean I don't love you

Love me when I least deserve it
because that's when I really need it

I don't accept random friend requests anymore! Sorry!