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Mercury the Dragon Report | 04/07/2014 1:09 am
Mercury the Dragon
Mercury the Dragon Report | 01/27/2011 11:43 am
Mercury the Dragon
Missing ya about now fortunette how are chu.

Also how is star?
o-l--Star--l-o Report | 01/26/2011 6:11 pm

Fortunette.... Its like all lonely...

Can you pweese get on canaan with me soon? ._.
OH ya i ment to ask, if ya got a cellphone numbah pm it too meh!
o-l--Star--l-o Report | 01/26/2011 12:06 pm
YOu better stop this right nao! stare
Or so help me!

use that darn status!
o-l--Star--l-o Report | 01/26/2011 11:47 am
mad OMG fortunette i almost had a 20$ GCC (Gpotato Cash Card) today! mad

You know what that means dont cha? We could buy ANYTHING we freggan
wanted!!! XD But it was a fail because we had 400$ on a gift card and so
we couldnt buy another card with it. So that screw'd up our luck. whee
o-l--Star--l-o Report | 01/25/2011 2:39 pm
Oh ya make sure your character is on channel 2 thats what channel im in! razz
o-l--Star--l-o Report | 01/25/2011 1:05 pm
Wait actually i pronounced it wrong. Its Canaan Online! Google it and it should pop up, It's no download totally free its sorta like free realms
cept you dont have any prohibations (Can lvl as much as you please no trials) It has classes and market place. So make sure you make an account...
OH ya also about the RPG I'm making for us to have a little fun in. It's called:

Chronicles Volume: I
Title: Red Rain

XD sounds intriging huh?
LOL I will send you this awsome story line i figured for it.
So you can tell me what you think.
o-l--Star--l-o Report | 01/25/2011 12:54 pm
Hey fortunette. Found this new game called canaan its on gpotato.com
Its no download and its free.

XD its kinda fun! You should try it out!
Pawprintz Report | 01/23/2011 3:57 pm
> u < THANKS :D
Pawprintz Report | 01/23/2011 3:53 pm
Pictures are in this topic c:



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