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Miroshi Hatake

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Last Login: 12/30/2019 2:11 pm

Registered: 06/01/2007

Gender: Male

Location: Florida

Birthday: 02/22/1992

Occupation: Elite Jounin

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Name: Casper

Age: 26 as of 02/22
Relationship: Married

30 Ball pythons
5 Cats
1 20 Gallon Fish tank
1 Puppers

1 awesome and amazing wife :3


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Sensei Chyaku Report | 04/12/2018 7:51 am
Thanks! Haha. Np.
Nevena Ules Report | 03/29/2018 7:08 am
Hi Miroshi-kun!
Soulless dark queen Report | 03/14/2018 11:10 pm
My right eye is hurt me,
My Jaw is hurt me to as well
jarpad Report | 03/06/2018 8:48 am
Heey, what's up?
Soulless dark queen Report | 03/02/2018 9:59 pm
hi ninja
Queen of Ruin Report | 03/02/2018 7:47 am
Hello there
Meng Soi Report | 02/21/2018 7:17 am
Watch me get banned again tho so lel
Lovingdead69 Report | 02/15/2018 8:01 pm
Any time feel free to keep me in mind for trades and stuff.
XARXES410 Report | 02/14/2018 6:23 pm
How well do you think I handled that Tuaiq user?

I mean at first I tried being nice to him though he kept on being antagonizing. Although I'd like to personally think I wasn't being judgmental and or antagonizing back. I certainly wasn't going to put up with his bullshit behavior though. 👾
Queen of Ruin Report | 02/14/2018 3:59 pm
Thank you! I got really lucky and found some very talented people who gave me freebies.
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