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Yet another account I've made. As you all can see I love the game Okami.


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Petshop17 Report | 11/09/2008 6:58 pm
Petshop17 Report | 10/24/2008 9:09 pm
LOL that's kinda what I end up doing... attack and then rest of the time just heal myself...
Petshop17 Report | 10/24/2008 9:07 pm
omg liz you went zombie??? LOL XD
bara3hana_ Report | 10/24/2008 1:52 pm
i like ur avi and profile
Petshop17 Report | 08/10/2008 10:35 am
lol yeah, I just changed recently XD~ I was originally waiting for avatar art to be finished, but I can't stand it anymore. I like to change around too much, so I just saved the one I wanted done and pmed it to her :3~
Petshop17 Report | 08/05/2008 5:09 pm
having fun are we? XD~
Petshop17 Report | 06/04/2008 4:12 pm
Oh yeah, the mochi IS really cute like that!!! biggrin ~ I want the cow patterned chaps XDDD~ Maybe I can match you with mochi and a hat. Different color scheme of course but yeah biggrin ~ Trying to decide who to buy for... maybe kinkimono. He could use some of this stuff to look manlier lol.
Petshop17 Report | 06/04/2008 4:10 pm
ahaha yeah, have you seen my updated wish list? X3. And omg yeah those wing arms. I totally thought of you when I saw those XDDD~ Some really cute items. For some reason, I want the body paint thing. Looks like a striped panda and I have a vague idea for an outfit maybe. heart
Petshop17 Report | 05/29/2008 8:02 pm
Yeah, know they're pretty pricey, so I'm not really sure yet. Plus, even though I could afford them, it's not like I wanna just splurge excessively. If anything, I wanna just try out a few markers maybe... something small to see if I like it. Even if I do like it, I might not even use them that often, and then that would be sort of a waste. :/
Lol, I should caution that you probably should only go on a pink box shopping spree if you have upwards of 500k or so. Otherwise it's not gonna be very fruitful, I think (unless you're uber lucky!!!!) Which you might be. Then again, I should talk. I started going on brown box sprees XD~ They yield striped stockings heart I blew like 40k on it the other day lol. mmm brown boxes XD
Petshop17 Report | 05/28/2008 8:56 pm
Oh yeah that reminds me. I'm thinking about branching out in traditional media. I wanna check out those high quality copic markers/pens and other stuff... I looked up a store we have here in kzoo, so plan on checking it out sometime. Maybe we can go together? The hunt for art stuffs whee


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