Salud, Hoii, Hallo, and 'ello. ;D
Kay, at your service. I'm a crazy 16 year-old! (: Not looking for any other joys out of life besides completing my goals.
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Hm.. Hobbies? Coloring! :3 Jk. I actually HATE coloring. I love to play video games, write, draw. For video games I have a few favorites; Zelda, Pokemon, Ham-Ham Heartbreak (Shut up! I like it. ;P). Writing; I love sex scenes! And disappointment and sorrow. Yes... Drawing; It started out as manga, but I like to draw everything now!
Another awesomrific hobby of mine is... MUSIC! But who doesn't like music? I love all types of music, User Image punk, metal, old school rap and rock, hard rock, soft rock, acoustic. You name it. I love it! A few of my favorite bands; Godsmack, Skillet, Blood on the Dance Floor, Crazy Town, Atmosphere, Scorpions, Ally Kerr, Joan Jett... And a s**t load more. I just loooove music. I think it's kept me sane through the years. :3 Yay for music.. I know you love me already. ;D xD
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My favorites? Strawberries, raspberries, Blueberries, oranges, apples, pokemon, Link, Zelda, Yaoi, Yuri, lemons. Heehee, both types of lemon. I don't really have a favorite anime series... But if I had to choose.. It'd be a tie between Junjou Romantica, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Mushi-shi. ((nods))

That's all for now! PM me if you want to learn more about me~