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UPDATE 2024:

Dota 2 is getting boring. got into photography. got two birds.
stressed af but managing. still enjoying life and now im here coping

UPDATE 2022:

We have returned after hearing that old devs bought gaia back. so yeah.
Also we got married... whee

UPDATE 2014 (blunder years):

So they both met on Gaia
and have been in a long distance relationship for 4 years.
He is in the US while she lives in Canada.
They finally met each other on May 2014.
They had a really great time and loved each other to the fullest.
The dinner date was the highlight of it all.
It was the very first formal dinner date they had.
They love each other so much and
promised to keep loving each other forever and ever.
They are hopefully planning on
getting engaged after they graduate University.
Long distance relationships requires a lot of work, endurance,
determination and patience.
They both understand what these things mean.
They thought that its better to suffer now than later.
Besides, its not all that bad with skype or facetime.

Distance should not be an excuse on failing to love someone on the other side of the world :3