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I weigh 105 5'0" tall and im blessed hehe. Im a dominican born in new york now in georgia. Thats all you get to know.

Those ppl looking for invader zim i found this link
it has alot of episodes plus u kan buy the box set and clothes have fun

Main rp characters

Name :: Louvi(1)
Age :: appears 20
Height :: 5'0"
Weight :: 130-Changable at will
Race :: Unknown
Appearance :: Shes voluptuous woman with wild brown hair and tan skin. She has ruby eyes seemingly glazed and glowing. She has a tattoo of a 1 where he belly button should be. She had no fingernails or toenails, but instead her fingers and toes went to points that where sharp and hard. She had 3 large toes on each foot and 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand. She had normal human teeth in the front but her teeth from her canines back where sharp and longer than average.

History/Personality :: Shes was created by cellular engineering corp and tortured daily to toughen her up. The guards would molest her and beat her if she was alone. Only friend she had was mila and her research team millian and milly(another rp character). She was born as a weapon of war she the 1st creation of ce corp. She was the perfect creation of ce and was used many times trying to duplicate her powers. She escaped he confinement unable to talk and no where to go she roams trying to evade 1-15 of the creations trying to capture her and bring her back. Very timid, easily frightened, acts as a animal and trys understanding almost as a newborn.

Offence ::
1)Lotus blade(Roukan).
2)her hands.
5)inhuman strength and speed
many powers still undiscovered.

Offencive Information ::
1)Lotus blade-Changes weight and shape into many different weapons or more than one, also becomes Roukan a shadow being made of her own shadow to assist her in combat. Roukan allows her to move as a shadow unhindered by movement impairing effects or spells. He also has the ability to mimick anything.
2)Hands, feet and Mouth-sharp enough to combat weapons, reflects and can cut through any type of energy(magic, psychic, heat, etc). Able to catch the energies in her hands and throw them back. Can eat energies to use to increase her healing.
3)Lightning-Primarily used as her only ranged attack other than lotus in gun or bow form. She also uses lightning to enhance her melee attacks by hand.
4)Wind-She uses wind to help with her reaction time alter enemy attack direction slightly and push her enemies this does no damage by itself.
5)Inhuman strength and speed-She is able to lift and throw enormous objects. Her speed increases to match her enemies.

Defense ::
1)Cell replenish
2)Aura sight
3)Energy resistance

Defensive abilities
1)Cell-Replenish-Her healing is much faster than normal and can eat energies from opponents to heal herself faster.
2)Aura sight-Able to see energies of any nature being visual and nonvisual. Also able to see auras allowing her to see and feel enemies, allies even the planets location at all times, giving her no need to see light contacting objects.
3)Energy resistance-Able to deflect,cut or eat energies or any nature.
4)Roukan-He can move Louvi by hitting pusshing or pulling her helping her dodge enemies with impossible abilities.

SpecialIf angered or put into a heightened sense of fear her eyes change violet and she begins crying tears of blood. She sprouts angel wings and her body gets covered with an oil covering her head to toe then all that is seen is her body shape and her eyes. Her speed and power is drastically increased but she goes into a uncontrollable state. She can reflect or absorb energies with her hands from any source other than her own, making her stronger allowing her take make weapons or heal.

Name :: Mila (2, 3 and 4)
Age :: 20
Height :: 5'0"
Weight :: 110
Race :: Human
Appearance :: .
1.Mila becomes a being of light changing color, eyes glow violet. Wears only a white and orange robe.
2. Milly has same skin and hair color of mila before the change. Wears black armor looking alot like shaped oil. Seemingly always dripping a black water off of herself and her armor.
3. Millian whole body gets covered in a oil like substance her eyes glow violet.
History/Personality :: Mila, Milly, and millian were scientists working on a way of perpetual energy and secret experiments of ce corp. One day while working on the machine a power surge suddenly activates the machine while they were inside, fusing them together.
They took the appearance of Mila, however she had the mind of all three. The three minds working together found that they could split into three bodies. When they split they found that each of them had strange new powers. Mila was unable to take a solid form again. Milly seemed normal except hwe skin was too tough to take samples from even with lazers. She also always seemed to be soaked and dripping. Millian was covered with a tar like substance. Each time she tried it just stretched her body. They tried to restore their bodies but could not. They began to feel a certain hunger theyve never had before and suddenly leaped out and began to feed on animals unable to control themselves. They felt a certain feeling in thier body from eatting them, Millian took part of her skin off and began testing why this was happening. Her skin absorbed energy at an alarming rate. They decided they would have to finish the machine in order to keep them from attacking people. Milly was working on the machine and found that she could create tools and objects by absorbing the material around her. Nearly completing the machine they found that the energy source they had been using before was damaged and only worked at half capability. They decided theyd have to settle with the energy source they had, the hunger began to become to much for them. Each day they would search for a new energy source and sleep in the active chamber to keep them from being driven insane by the hunger. They search every day for the power source they needed to power the machine and would do anything to get it.
Weapons ::
1.Mila-2 guns made of her.
2.Milly-creates weapons pulling them out of herself. Can create creatures and traps to assist in combat.
3.Millian-Her skin is her weapon.
Weapon Information ::
1.Mila-Each gun shoots an ion shot. They can also deflect visible spells.
2.Milly- as she swings her weapons the leave a 7 foot trail of black water behind them. The water can be used to make barriers, which cannot be penetrated by anything other than the same weapon. The weapons created become a sludge that dissolves through anything when not handled by herself. Creating creatures and objects to set traps for enemies. Are used to deflect energy attacks.
3.Millian-Her body absorbed energy draining it from enemies directly after touching their bodies. The energy drains causes the touched area to have a oil like substance to bind to the object dissolving and growing equal to the area touched. Oil like substance can b pulled like a rope atomically binding itself to its attacker.
Armor ::
2.Milly-Creates her own.
3.Millian-her skin.
Armor Information ::
2.Milly-the armor can only be frozen, the barriers she makes are impenetrable. Only 2 barriers may be up at once and are in a line.
3.Millian-Her skin absorbs energy so quick that touching her with bare hands could become fatal. Spells, energy weapons, and attacks are useless against her. Solid weapons cut through her easily.
Spells ::
2.Milly-Black water sealing clones and tarps.
3.Millian-Omega improve.
Spell Information ::
1.Mila-Can heal all ally's except self.
2.Milly- can use seals which she writes with the black water. Clones can appear as anything and are only distinguished by personality traits and actions of the cloned person. Clones are used as traps.
3.Millian- uses energy to improve himself.
Special Abilities ::
Body merge
2.Milly-Black water sealing.
3.Millian- Rubber body.
Ability Information ::
Milly Can merge together with either Mila or millian or both causing the attacker to only fight a target with combined abilities and armor.
2.Milly- can use seals which she writes with the black water.
3.Millian- can stretch and pull herself using her body making her quicker.

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