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Robexa Nebulon Report | 01/20/2018 12:32 am
Robexa Nebulon
Congratulations!! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Robexa Nebulon Report | 01/18/2018 8:55 pm
Robexa Nebulon
I do! How you been? User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Robexa Nebulon Report | 05/28/2017 8:35 pm
Robexa Nebulon
Thanks! It really has changed. It's not hard to get fish at all! I dumpster dive like crazy and I get most of my fish from there O_O

I kinda make most of my money from dumpster diving. That and selling off all this old junk in my inventory that I don't really use.
Robexa Nebulon Report | 05/24/2017 9:59 am
Robexa Nebulon
I do! How are you? User Image
Harvey_Kinkle Report | 05/17/2017 6:06 pm
Hey dude welcome back. How ya been?
Harvey_Kinkle Report | 12/25/2013 8:46 am
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Harvey_Kinkle Report | 12/24/2012 5:03 am
User Image
Robexa Nebulon Report | 07/13/2012 9:33 am
Robexa Nebulon
cool! Enjoy your braces-lessness while you can XD

I'm finally almost done with mine. I think my ortho dood said that if I wore my rubber bands relgiously, I could get on retainer my next visit emotion_dowant
purplewiz Report | 07/12/2012 4:07 pm
Yeah, Gaia's certainly not what it used to be, and I doubt it ever will be again, as the company is chasing the Facebook trend (which I think is a huge mistake) and doesn't devote much in the way of resources to the site itself anymore.

And they wonder why playership is dropping. They're pretty much chasing them away.
Robexa Nebulon Report | 07/12/2012 3:29 pm
Robexa Nebulon

I just got permission to leave work early!

I gotta race to the dentist office cuz I ran out of them ortho rubber bands for my braces X__X


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