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Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/19/2012 1:02 pm
Giving the monk a perplexed look, before he elaborated,

"What is so....difficult to understand?
The opposite of a man....is a woman, so....a gender change for myself.....means I was turned into...a woman."

Listening carefully to the monk's next question, a thoughtful look crossed his amber eyes, before he he answered him.

"I'd say....I wish to meet him."

InuKaizer shook his head at his second oldest nephew.

"He only lived for three minutes, after being born.
There simply wasn't enough time to give him a name.
After all, it's not exactly easy for everyone to decide on one, especially when there are various distractions to be taken into account, such as conflicts between servants, battles, and other duties.
You're correct though about him being not too older than you because he's five years older."

The demon shook painfully in his restraints, as he felt his wings beginning to move on their own.

"N-Not this....again...", He uttered, knowing that they would retract into his body because he was no longer in his blood lusting state.

As the wings slowly moved into his body, it was clear his pain level was increasing because his fists clenched, until his claws pierced his palms.
It soon became unbearable and he began screaming,


When it was over, he laid limply in his shackles and panted weakly.
Now that his wings had vanished, his tail could be seen.
It looked just like InuTaisho's own, but instead up splitting into two parts halfway down, it branched off into three tails.
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/19/2012 1:02 am
"Apparently, that rule....doesn't apply to infants.
Those prison guards....must have caught onto that....because they enjoy....capturing 'interesting' individuals.
If you stand out....they attempt to find a way....to collect you for their experiments.
Uncle was absolutely correct....in telling you their tortures were....without boundaries.
That even includes....changing your gender....in order to satisfy themselves."

InuKaizer tore his worried eyes off Sesshomaru's older brother and gazed at said taiyoukai, as he began answering his questions.

"I wasn't able to tell you because I've only just become aware of your existence recently.
Even though I've been taking care of him for all this time, I had no idea he was your brother.
His body was so burned that his markings were impossible to see and that of course eliminated my ability to pick him out by scent too.
Now that he's healed and the bandages are off, I can finally pick it up.
I'm not sure if he'll know about him or not, so the only way to find out would be to have him meet Inuyasha.
I honestly doubt my brother knew that he's been alive all this time.
That prison does a very good job of hiding their prized prisoners."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/19/2012 12:27 am
"The netherworld has the ability....to replicate an existing place.
It's mimicked....the castle.
That's why it was....completely empty all the time....for me because I could....see into the real castle....by looking through mirrors.
Eventually, I pushed....through on of the mirrors....and actually had the opportunity to.....wander the real castle.
I rarely ever....left your side."

He was interrupted by a shudder of pain, before he continued.

"My thoughts are rather....mixed on humans.
Bandits and humans with....evil intentions are the ones that....become my source for blood.
The other ones....I prefer to leave in peace.
It's the few that are willing....be kind to demons....are the ones I respect.
It takes.....a great deal of courage to be able....even attempt to be kind to one, much less.....be friends with one."

"I managed because I put a barrier around him and dakened it, until it was black.
Once I accomplished that, the flames went out, so it made it easier for me to walk into the barrier, pick him up and hurry into one of the secret entrances to these tunnels.
After I was inside, I dropped the barrier and brought him hear to treat the wounds.
He was so bad that I couldn't even see the markings on his face because all of his was just charred.
I kept at it almost day and night to get him to this point.
One night I got careless and fell asleep, not realizing he was strong enough to move and ended up with his fangs in my through.
I lost half the blood in my body, before I got him to regain control of himself.
It may have been a terrible experience, but I recovered well from it.
Ironically, that happened to be the day I learned he needed blood to help himself heal and stay healthy."

The demonic weakly looked to Miroku and answered the monk's last question for his uncle,

"My brother...."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/18/2012 11:47 pm
"Yes....I did.", He answered weakly.

"I'd give you....my name, but I.....don't have one.
I died...shortly after being born....only to wander through an empty....replica of our home....and watch you grow up, before.....those foolish prison guards....brought me back.
They honestly thought....they could control me.
What fools they were....
I let them reap....what they've sown by...opening up the floors and allowing....the netherworld to swallow their souls."

InuKaizer responded softly back, while the demon was speaking to Sesshomaru.

"He was put through everything you could ever imagine, being injected with diseases, constantly having his pain limits tested, blood transfusions, beatings, whippings, starvation......everything and yet he lived through it all...."

While he was explaining, he unwrapped his face to reveal he had InuTaisho's exact markings and a crescent moon on his forehead identical to Sesshomaru's own.

"You couldn't sens he because I've kept a barrier to hide his aura and scent down here, so he'd stay safe.
As for how long, it's been six months.
It took that long for his burns to heal because they've been refusing to heal properly.
I am positive that it's due to how malnourished his is.
However, as I've said, his body won't gain any weight like it badly needs to and so he wounds would remain open, as a result.
That's why I need to see if your Tenseiga really will have what it takes to repair his soul.
It's so badly damaged that it's preventing his body from recovering properly and he's always in pain for that reason."

True to his words, the silver haired dog demon cringed hard.


Let his head drop, he began coughing from the pain taking his breath away, causing the chains to rattle.
InuKaizer quickly looked to him in worry and ended up dropping the chalice, when he finally saw the markings on his face.
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/18/2012 10:47 pm
Don't know how my comment ended up looking like that, but the last sentence was supposed to look like this.

"You....look well....little brother...."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/18/2012 10:45 pm
"Unfortunately, yes...he does get violent.

It's not his fault though.
When he kills an enemy, it's brutal, but still controlled.
However, he's actually at his worst, when he needs blood.
Reason being, according to what he told me, after he learned he could trust me and of course had healed enough to even speak, he was experimented on mercilessly.
It caused him to be so powerful that he could actually manipulate the very underworld itself.

Even so, all the torture he went through came with quite the price.
I've honestly NEVER seen anything like it.
The first time I saw him had been when he was trying to find a place to stay, before the sun rose.
He ran into interference with other demons and that slowed him down just long enough for the sun to come up.
When that happened, his body began to smoke and soon he just burst into flames.

Another toll it took on him is that he needs blood with all his meals and it accelerates his rate of healing.
For example, were he to get a fatal wound and take blood, it would heal to be only serious overnight, instead of killing him.

We won't have to go far.
I keep him locked in a room that's beneath the hut, since the building was built over a tunnel system with various rooms attached to the end of each route.
It was once a way for people to survive underground in case of a raid.

Besides, the reason I need you to come along Sesshomaru is because I need your Tenseiga.
I went traveling once to locate Totosai for help and he told me about your blade.
I'm sure you've got what it takes to help him.

Thanks to how much he's endured because of that wretched prison that enslaved him, he's in constant pain all the time and his soul actually look TWICE as worse as yours does.
That must be the reason that no matter what I feed him, he won't gain the proper weight, so he looks like he's been starved for months.
I don't want him to die."

With this said InuKaizer pulled a set of metal keys off a hook and walked out of the room.
Heading down the hall, he walked down the staircase and unlocked the cellar doors.
Carefully, the taiyoukai climbed down the short amount of steps and unlocked the padlock on a regular sized wooden door, before hanging the padlock on a hook protruding from the wall.
He then opened the door and proceeded into the tunnel system, glad to hear both sets of footsteps behind him.

"It not far now.", InuKaizer informed them gently, before unlocking one last door and dropping the barrier he kept in the room.

The demon he spoke of was on his knees, chained to the wall by his wrists.
Though black flames surrounded him, making him impossible to see well.
His eyes were clearly glowing red and a giant pair of black wings stood up in the air, as he gave a frightening vampiric hiss.
Even so it seemed like he was struggling to control himself at the moment and making progress, as InuKaizer slowly approached the cell and opened it.

"Shhhhhhhh, it's me."

Simply the sound of his voice was enough to help the demon gain more control of himself, as the taiyoukai removed the bridal from his mouth.
This revealed that his fangs were much longer than normal because of his need to bite someone for blood.
While InuKaizer went to the small table to set the bridal down, he panted and the sound proved the dog demon's words true about he was suffering badly.
His glowing red eyes watched painfully, as said taiyoukai slit his wrist with his claws and filled a chalice up with the crimson liquid.
When the cup had been tilted against his lips, his body shivered, as instantly put the blood to use.
Once he drained the chalice, the black flames died away and his eyes returned to their normal amber hues.

"Let's see how those wounds are..."

InuKaizer carefully unwrapped all of them to find his skin was no longer burned.
It was when he was in the process of unwrapping his face that his amber orbs locked onto Sesshomaru and he said something striking,

"You....look we
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/18/2012 7:39 am
"I'm cringing because I feel terrible about how I have to contain him for his own safety.
He isn't evil, just evil with his enemies and I can't blame him, after what he's been through.
I am certain the only way I can help him is with Sesshomaru's help.
Otherwise, we won't be able to get near him.
You'll find out why....", InuKaizer informed, as he shoulders slumped sadly.

Turning around, he returned to the hut feeling the monk follow.

"It hadn't.....crossed my mind because....seeing how sad she was.....reminded me of Izayoi."

Sadness crossed Inuyasha's amber eyes at the mention of his mother, but he did feel better at knowing he consoled Sango, so the slayer didn't get hurt.
When his uncle returned with the monk, great relief flooded through him.

"Dammit, Miroku....don't scare me like that!"

InuKaizer returned to his sibling's side.

"You moved, didn't you?". He asked instantly.

"I'm sorry....Nii-san....", The dog general replied breathlessly, out of pain.

He couldn't help, but smile softly.

"You and you're big heart.
I bet you went to console Sango.", InuKaizer said, as he nuzzled him.

"Well, I'm glad you got her back unharmed.
Just please be more careful next time, alright?"

InuTaisho nodded in response and turned his head to the door, when he heard Sesshomaru arrive with Rin and Mina.
The taiyoukai also focused his silver gaze onto his nephew and took a breath.

"Sesshomaru, would you mind coming with me?
I need your assistance with something important and it's only something you can help me with."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/17/2012 9:32 pm
"I could tell by the tone of her voice that she's been used in the past.
Sango clearly doesn't want any other women being manipulated.
What about this Koharu person.
It sounded as if she was more than simply willing to give you a child."

He then winced at a certain line of thought he had and then asked cautiously,

"Which option would you prefer?
I could make that ointment for your Wind Tunnel or take you to someone that can actually alter the affects of the curse, so you may use it to your advantage.
If you prefer to see him, then we need Sesshomaru to come with us.
I hope you won't mind that."

"I'm sorry...", InuTaisho apologized, painfully.

"I just couldn't....stand how sad she was....and wanted to reassure her.....that everything would be alright."

He cringed and held the upper half of his ribs in pain.

Inuyasha looked over to his father.
Unconsciously, his ears blended into his long silver hair.
It was a clear sign that he was very much worried over his injured state.
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/17/2012 8:30 pm
"What do you expect?
It's very manipulative and makes you sound like you are only doing this to put your own kid though complete hell, fully aware there's no guarantee that he'll have a future.
Still, you shouldn't just throw your life away like this.
I'm sure you'll find someone special during your travels, but you have to keep in mind that it's best to not let your friendship stray.
A group is most powerful, when they stand together.
I'm sure this Naraku will eventually be killed.
Take things one step at a time, monk.
Now then, why don't you come back inside and I'll make an ointment that you can coat your Wind Tunnel with.
I understand curses well, so I'm aware they can be manipulated.
When it absorbs into your skin, it'll shrink the hole by two years worth of size and allow you five years of time, where it will not grow.
Even though the Wind Tunnel will shrink, you'll still have the same level of power it does now, so your enemy can be fooled for the time being.", InuKaizer told him wisely.

Inuyasha hadn't expected the question and froze, but he soon turned his head on Kagome's lap to look at the window.
His bangs were covering his amber eyes, creating a shadow.
Now that almost everyone was gone, he found himself answering her truthfully,

"What do you think?
He's been....a better brother.....to me than Sesshomaru."

Sango gasped softly in surprise and quickly held InuTaisho's elbows in alarm.

"You're not supposed to be moving with those injuries!
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are going to worry, if you tear them open!"

"I'll be alright.", The dog general responded with a pained smile.

Letting go, the taijiya found herself asking,

"Why did you follow me out here?"

"I wanted to see, if you were going to be alright.
You looked very upset.", He responded gently.

Sango let go of his elbows and hung her head, as her shoulders started to shiver.

"What if.....What if he really goes through with it?
It'll be my fault that he dies....

"Sango.....", InuTaisho said softly, as he slowly touched her shoulder, hoping to give her support.

The slayer leaned heavily into his chest, as she began to cry.
It was obvious she was very much worried and even scared at the time.

"It'll be alright.
I'm sure my brother can talk some sense into him.", He told her soothingly, as he held her close and rubbed the back of her head.

It wasn't long, before she exhausted herself and fallen asleep from her weeping.
Taking notice, InuTaisho gathered her up into his strong arms and leaped onto the road.
He landed gently and began limping back to the hut because his wounds were throbbing badly, warning him against further strain.
The dog general re-entered the hut and softly laid Sango next to Kagome, before he began to explain,

"She's worried....about if he'll go through....with his earlier words.
The poor woman....cried herself to sleep....so it's best to let her rest."
Ryuu-no-Taisho Report | 11/17/2012 3:31 pm
InuKaizer sighed softly and stood up.
Without a word, he moved forwards and grabbed the monk's wrist softly.
He then guided him out and away from the hut to talk.

It's very easy for people to say what they don't mean, when they're becoming stressed, monk.
Besides, going through with such an idea would only serve to aid your enemy.
Do you really want to give him the upper hand by decreasing his enemy count by one individual?
Your friends would be upset, if we went through with such an idea.
Inuyasha looked none too happy about hearing what you said and that little kitsune looks as if he just found himself homeless."

Sango was beginning to feel very much upset now, as she stared at her lap.
Silently, she stood up and quickly walked out of the hut.
However, the slayer didn't head the same way that InuKaizer went with the monk and instead went to the outskirts of the village where a stream was coursing near the road.
She carefully walked down the steep hill and sat in front of the sparkling water, holding her knees to her chest.

InuTaisho had watched her depart and felt sadness bloom in his chest.
Ever so carefully, he sat up and winced from the movement.
The pain didn't deter him though and he was soon on his feet, though paler than before from the effort.
Slowly, the dog general made his way out of the hut and began following the taijiya's scent.
It eventually led him to the stream and he unsteadily made his way down the steep slope, before dropping to his knees next to the slayer in pain.


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