Things to know...

Hi! I am mikailafell. this is what I would look like in gaia form, i guess, besides my avatar:
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I did this because this is how I would look on a regular day (minus the wings of course) but the wings represent the inside of me. I make things come to life with my pen and drawings. I write several stories (I'm on Mibba too!) as well as draw. Usually my stories are fantasy, but a few are science fiction. Besides that, I am a MAJOR music freak. (You can tell from my plethora of AFI pictures at the bottom of my profile). I will have my ipod with me usually (it's like 5 percent of the time it is not within arms reach) and listen to everything but country and rap usually. Also, I can play trombone, tuba, piano and electric bass. I want to learn almost every other instrument. But first, I want to learn Bari Sax and Harp. That would be amazing <3. I will be in a famous rock band one day. Or an internationally known symphony. Either or. Either that or people will know my art work or writing. I know I am destined for greatness. But, I plan on being a benefactor to charities if I do become famous. I can't have all that money to myself! I would feel bad and selfish T-T I also believe in angels and hope to be one myself when I die so I can save lives and help people even when I am not considered material anymore. I don't believe in sins except for murder/ rape/ etc. If there is a god (which I'm not sure there is - I'm agnostic) he created us to be who we are. We shouldn't hold down urges like kiss the opposite/ same sex or indulge in bodily pleasures or other "bad" things because it's what makes us feel good and who we are. I also believe in Global Warming and I am a vegetarian. Besides all of that, I'm pretty open and caring. If you want to be friends, am a little paranoid about forty year old perverts trying to get to meet me to rape me... or hackers... but besides that, I am an open minded person (to everyone except to people who abuse/ think lowly of animals, women or minorities 'cause that's just mean) and will at least respect your opinion even if I detest it. Everyone is different and that's the beauty of them : D My philosophy in life is Peace Love Music and Happiness because if you have at least two, the other shall follow. That's what I've found in my life. If I'm sad, I listen to music and then I become happy and then I love life again and I have peace within ^-^ see. It makes the world go round!!! Also, I feel it's necessary to share this - because people sometimes get offended by these things - but I am planning on getting four to five tattoos and a BUNCH of piercings.
Bass Cleft on my left shoulder blade
A tramp stamp of some kind (not 100% sure on this one)
A cluster of stars on my hip/ stomach (like in between, not a 100% on this either)
Something on my ankle
and MAYBE Hermes' wings on my legs (like going up toward my knees)
one on my left ear (other than the standard lobe piercings)
one on my right ear that is close to the cartilage
an Industrial (maybe) on my right ear
eyebrow piercing on the left
nose ring (maybe) on my right
MAYBE a lip ring
and a bigger maybe on my tongue
a belly button ring