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Mika-chan Eilite Sinobi

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Birthday: 07/13

Me, the very very special me

Ok, I'm Mika-chan but my real name is Faith. I love anything to do with art, music, literature, fangirlism, and generally the good things in life. Please contact me if you have any commissions, I am a decent artist, by decent I mean I can draw clothing poses and faces pretty well, realistically or comic. I'm here to have a good time and save up enough to buy Goph Reed or however you spell it.

Say Hi!! I am always bored!!!

Weird Playlist

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Stuff I am wearing

Stuff I WANT to be wearing, *hint hint*

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Miyashita Ai Report | 10/26/2010 9:18 pm
Miyashita Ai
Long time no see 3nodding ninja
Miyashita Ai Report | 10/26/2010 9:19 am
Miyashita Ai
rose kurai Report | 10/02/2010 11:39 am
rose kurai
rose kurai Report | 09/27/2010 4:59 pm
rose kurai
have you done the astros homework yet?
rose kurai Report | 09/27/2010 4:48 pm
rose kurai
is really bord burning_eyes emo talk2hand pirate rofl 4laugh ninja rolleyes twisted evil cry razz mad lol cool confused eek surprised sad wink whee xp heart sweatdrop stressed scream gonk blaugh 3nodding xd stare crying redface smile biggrin
rose kurai Report | 09/27/2010 4:32 pm
rose kurai
change your status!!!
rose kurai Report | 09/27/2010 4:02 pm
rose kurai
gomenasai cry
rose kurai Report | 09/18/2010 1:25 pm
rose kurai
ah well ill just have to show it to you personaly...
rose kurai Report | 09/17/2010 6:57 pm
rose kurai
User Imageyep heres another
rose kurai Report | 09/17/2010 6:34 pm
rose kurai
first comment i posted if you cant find it its just chibi grimmjow *cough* i could find better *cough*


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rose kurai





Annoying little brother.

Can I say something?? Please!! Please Faithy please please? please?? *whines*

I do commissions... for VERY little.
A couple hundred Gaia gold ( the online stuff)
is all i ask for in return for a picture..
these are two decent examples.

Don't pick on your brother Faith.

Amazing older sister.

Designated short friend.

Watch out these two are violent.