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Miaka Yūki
Fushigi Yūgi character
Miaka Yūki by Yuu Watase
Created by Yuu Watase
Voiced by Kae Araki (Japanese)
Bridget Hoffman as Ruby Marlowe (English)
Nicknames "Hyaku Mensō" or "A Hundred Faces" (by Tamahome)
Age 15
Gender Female
Date of birth May 12, 1977, Tōkyō
Occupation 9th Grade Student
Title Priestess of Suzaku
Known relatives Keisuke Yūki (elder brother), Mother, and a Step-Father
Bloodtype B
Height 158 cm (5'2¼")
Weight 48 kg (105.6 lbs)
Hobbies Reading manga, baking cookies and eating in general

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Miaka Yūki (夕城 美朱 Yūki Miaka) is the primary protagonist in the manga and anime series Fushigi Yūgi. She is an high school girl with a tremendous appetite and is generous and cares greatly for others. She became the priestess of Suzaku, or the Suzaku-no-Miko so that she could get into the High school of her choice. She admittedly is not the brightest crayon in the box, despite studying extensively for her high school entrance exams and going to juku (cram school) for hours on end. Her goal is to pass the entrance exam for Jōnan High School to please her mother and be with her best friend Yui (an admitted genius), though she really wants to attend Yotsubadai High School with her friends.

Miaka is also an avid fan of anime and imitates several characters during the course of the story. In episode 5 she impersonates Sailor Moon's "In the name of the moon, I will punish you!" introduction (this is also a nod to the fact that actress Kae Araki was the voice of Sailor Chibi-Moon and the fact that author Yuu Watase is friends with the creator of Sailor Moon) and in later episodes mimics Astroboy and even Doraemon.

[edit] Personality
She is outgoing and optimistic. She is amicable with everyone. She tends to be guileless and sentimental. She is never suspicious. She is naïve, but sometimes surprises adults with an insightful comment. She can be unassuming, magnanimous and courageous but somewhat unsophisticated. She seems to give the impression that she always needs help so she always seems to have someone looking after her.

She is constantly eating, and is drawn to any type of food. Also, her gluttony sometimes gets in the way, as she was once drawn into a magical mirror because of food. She believes herself to be considerate. She is also in love with Tamahome. Her love for him becomes part of the plot line, because Yui Hongo is also in love with him.

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