Hello, My name is Mersta and I humbly welcome you to my profile.

For starters, my personality is really just laid back but bubbly and at the same time fun. I tend to be a really easy to talk to person and can sometimes be bossy. Yet to tell you the truth It is just part of my personality and sometimes I don't even realize I am acting that way. But I make up for that by being polite and kind towards everyone I come across. Very organized and I tend to spend my time roleplaying and pretty much everything else a normal person my age would do. There is not one activity or hobby that I havn't tried or did and loved so it keeps me busy. I hate being bored..with a passion.

For experience, I have about 4 years of roleplaying time under my belt and I LOVE to design webpages for other people and make videos. I design every single one of my profile webpages for gaia from scratch.

My favorite colors are pink,purple,and red. While my favorite animals are horses,unicorns,and turtles.

Until then maybe message me? Get to know me? Possibly want to start a roleplay ? I really don't care anything to pass the time really. Thank you for stopping by!