Hi, My name is Danielle.
let me give it to you straight.
I can be your best friend, or a royal b***h. If there is something wrong and you are my best friend, I will try my hardest to help you fix it. If im a royal b***h to you, chances are, I wont extend the same favor.
I enjoy singing, long walks with nowhere to go, gaia forums, my fruit-cutting job, occasionally meeting with friends, and most importantly to me, my boyfriend Dan. I truly love him, and always will.
If youre looking for an avatar, I make them for free, if you promise one thing; be interesting! No begging... this goes for gold too, as I am always changing my look, and am frequently poor.
I will be on periodically, but after the 31st of August, back to school for me!- so expect somewhat fewer visits.
Im in my 3rd (woopsie...) year at JCC, with an undecided major... ok, so im in liberal arts- would you like fries with that? JK I make salads for a job. O_-
I tend to ramble on IRL but in forums and things, im usually short sweet, and to the point.
I like to shop, dont really know a girl who doesnt... my kryptonite is shoes and purses.
My original group of "4 amigos" would be Emily, Katelyn, Brittani, and I. Brittani might not be in NYS anymore, but she is always in our hearts. <3
Eviebear is my IRL cousin- she is awesomesauce. :3
I also have an extra special sister named Amber. <3
Stay classy Gaia! Or maybe just... stay interesting.


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Hello random gaia person ^_^

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Hey cuz are you doing anything today?
Hilly White

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Hilly White

Hi Melodic n___n
I was looking through the forums and saw you're interested in beauty things, so I thought I'd ask you to join my guild. ^^
Take a look! heart

Minii Beauty
Rainbows Dash

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Rainbows Dash

Thank you very much! C:
Rainbows Dash

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Rainbows Dash

I'm really sorry for bothering you, but I wanted to say that your avi is beautiful. emotion_kirakira
Very sorry for disturbing you!

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Oh my god you live! Cedric's home.

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ok o 3o

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Hey there lil' drow lady.
Emily is staying the night today, I'm making pizza muffins maybe.

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Aaaah your avi is so cute!

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Not a clue. I won't know till my parents get home and I can ask. :3