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Hauthuum Report | 06/17/2009 3:55 pm
... well basically when you said... "myself, lover, everyone, and us"
then you just told me that you can let anyone see it... and you havent
replied on my comment before the boobs issue xP
Hauthuum Report | 06/15/2009 4:47 pm
oh yeah about the boobies issues xD
so? what about it xD this is your avi xP
and it looks great if you emphasize it with
your cleavage xP i might be a guy xP but
i know a little bit about fashion xP BUT
Hauthuum Report | 06/15/2009 4:45 pm
Hehe love is a mystery for me xP
anyways i read basically three love triangle books xP
the first book like i told you before xP is about the
greek gods xP one guy fighting alongside another girl
but then in the third book xP there's this girl that suddenly
snatched the guys attention so now the other wants his
attention back xD it was hilarious but its really for 13-15 teens
so i moved to my third book cuz i know you already know
the second book xP so lets go to third book xP really good...
for 16-18 teens and it even have sexual themes!!! it was really
good xD its about this guy that came from the future but he
doesn't know it cuz he was dropped in the past when he was just
a kid and he's destined to save the world xP and he was supposed
to have sex with this girl in the car xD all of a sudden they we're
attacked and they got separated xD and he was found by the girl
he was suppose to be married in his time xD its really cool i'm still
waiting for the third book of it xP but i forgot all of the author's name xD
Hauthuum Report | 06/14/2009 8:45 am
... Well i wanna see your cleavage so you SHOULD put it on... FOR ME xD

Well I also like books that has bloodshed on it... this book called... ummm
Ranger's Apprentice... REALLY made my blood go wild!!! i felt all the
adrenaline in those fight scenes then suddenly turning the fight scenes to
a love triangle... IT WAS SO ******** GOOD... 250 pages... or more and
i finished it in 2 or 3 days... I WAS SO HOOKED!!!
Hauthuum Report | 06/12/2009 4:45 pm
Aww come on baby why did you change your top?
Its already sexy T.T but now... NNNNNNNOOOOO

Anyways... I highlight them instead... but mostly
when its the love triangle scenes xP I never read
a book if it doesnt have love triangles xP love it
when girls fight over a guy xP
Hauthuum Report | 06/12/2009 9:14 am
Let me say it again... I'M REALLY SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG
I guess that time I'm feeling TOO lazy to comment on ANYONE...

Anyways... I'm back for you xP And its hard to freak me out xP
except for those horror movies... I SWEAR... NEVER MAKE ME

Well things change as time passes so no worries and I read
books before xP mostly the main character is a guy and has
two girls fighting over him xP like a love triangle xP and the
guy is basically as dense as normal guy would be xP
I usually underline the kissing scenes and stuff like that xP
Hauthuum Report | 06/07/2009 2:31 pm
Hey baby i'm so freaking sorry for not replying to you...
i just got bored... and everytime i wanted to reply to you...
i see more replies from someone else... and i dont feel like
replying to them too... and i not just got the energy to reply

sometimes... when i feel lost... i just think of something
that calms... me or the funny times i had in the past... or just
simply stares on the clouds... xD

haha xD you make me laugh XD you and you're toes xD
Hauthuum Report | 05/12/2009 5:03 pm
Haha dont worry I know what you meant when you said "girlfriends" the first time xD
And sorry if i offended you about the brian thingy xP
Haha how come when girls call their bff's "girlfriend" its ok while us guys cant?
anyways i'm ok with that and even if its ok with the whole world i wouldnt do it xP
Hauthuum Report | 05/11/2009 5:38 pm
Sorry for the super late reply xP
... Brian? I don't see anything special to him...
I mean Lois is one of the normal people...
Peter is the retarded one...
Stewie is the evil genius...
Meg is the girl that experiences the hardship of being a teen...
and that fat son... he's just fat... xP
anyways i like it when Stewie tries to kill Lois xP

Sexy dance? sounds sexy xP can you tell me how? i got good imagination xP
So your a senior? well i'm still a freshman xP I guess you didnt want any guys
touching you that time when you ONLY dance with your gf
Hauthuum Report | 05/08/2009 4:31 pm
You watch family guy?! ME TOO!!!
I like stewie but i'm having doubts now
cuz his turning homo T.T


Hey there everyone^.^
I know that my avi is a dark color and if you know me in real life....I'm not a dark color...Im really dead white. You know that sickly kind of white where you dont know if there going to drop dead any sceond.....yeah thats me. Oook now that im done talking about what ******** color i am I''ll talk about me as a person.

Frist of I know that my aiv has a lack of clothing on...well thats not how i am...I like haveing lots of cloths on^.^ ontop of being really white im also really in 93bls so haveing lots of cloths on makes me warmer^.^ and i dont like showing of my stuff cause lets face it....theres not much there.....Yes im saying my breasts are japanese small....Cute huh?

Ive got short black hair and blue eyes...before you ask the black hair is dyed that way...sorry it happens. Im more into the gothic click or whatever....(part of the reson why Im so ******** white, That and i hate the outside world...*it bothers me*)

I go to a small little high school in the hills....And when i say small im not jokeing most people dont even know that its there....My school is behind a much bigger and normal school. Yeah the other high school has two gyms my school dosnt even have a luch room. its 3 Small buldings puls a office thats more of RV looking thing. And our nurses office is like a small little corner of the RV thing with a few Make shifft walls and two beds...yeah! NotT.T

And we have 4 Baby sitters as i would like to call them. 3 wemon and one man that looks like a 16 year old boy...No joke we tend to lose him alot because he looks like on of his freshman....

Poor guy.

So thats me...Wait i have a new job i work at a pizza place in folsom. I really like it there and theres lots of kool people there i wont name names but there fun and i like the job.

Joseph Merrick

This is true my form is something odd,

But blaming me is blaming God;

Could I create myself anew

I would not fail in pleasing you.

If I could reach from pole to pole

Or grasp the ocean with a span,

I would be measured by the soul;

The mind's the standard of the man.

The Eleven Rules of Life With Anna
1: Anna is an Anna
2: Anna can not and shall not ever look like a guy
3: Anna can not fly and should not atempt jumping off very large objects
4: Anna is not a figment of my imagination
5: Anna is the only one who really exists, we are all figments of HER imagination
6: Anna is not a swear word but may be used as one if the situation calls
7: Anna is not a form of currency
8: Anna does not cause cancer, even though everything else in the world does.
9: Anna is the reason why dinosaurs went extinct, we are currently waiting to see her effects on humanity.
10: Anna is the most important rule of the ERLWA. So remember, Anna or else.


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