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100b gold for avatar headshot in this style
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Jen-Til Report | 07/15/2017 2:06 pm
I'd say 100b+ is a very reasonable starting price for your headshots. <3
Jen-Til Report | 07/15/2017 12:02 pm
LOL I was gonna ask if it was a headshot XD so oollldd need new one /grabbyhands
Tbh prices are all over the place these days. I could probs help give you ballpark prices/ranges if you tossed refs at me...if you're interested in selling that is lol
Jen-Til Report | 07/15/2017 11:13 am
hi hiiii I'm always game if you need a guinea pig LMAO
AHHH hmmm I might be able to~ was it under this username or an older one? >_>
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo- Report | 01/26/2012 10:04 am
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-
I see what you mean, your art is beautiful but you are in a slump, keep drawing to get out of it girl. Atleast you graduated...I didn't even do that, however when I come back I'll be going back to school under the army <3 here's my contains some hardcore yaoi so be weary
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo- Report | 01/25/2012 9:49 pm
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-
I know that feeling, I hate people, I know that maybe odd, but people generally piss me off.
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo- Report | 01/25/2012 9:24 pm
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-
Now come on! That makes me feel like s**t. Your art is gorgeous! However I understand art slumps.
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo- Report | 01/25/2012 9:00 pm
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-
You could apply though, so you should.
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo- Report | 01/25/2012 8:35 pm
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-
Oh? doesn't your job involve art? I'd hope so! Didn't you graduate from video game art? Well go for it, get back into it.
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo- Report | 01/25/2012 7:29 pm
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-
Thats cool, I'm ok. I'm being deployed this september over seas. I'm working on my art. I'm trying some new styles. I'm back on Gaia might have an art contest or something <3
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo- Report | 01/24/2012 11:07 pm
An Unforgiven Sin -Cazeo-
Oh hey, I haven't talked to you in forever. You probably don't remember me. I know we had a few art discussions and so on so forth.

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