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I be wearingg,(:


dont steal my life yull never perfect it, all the skany little hoes think they got swag,well hear from me no yu aint got s**t,i love how assholes always call my boy a f**,well ******** yu b***h bc yu got no balls,so wat hes a cheerleader?at least he never falls!i love how yu tlk abt mei dont careyea yu hear me b***h dont stareoh i trip and fall,ow that hurtbut hey at least i wont crawlpoetry=life

vick vick what aint yu evr heard of vick?b***h i have cause Vicks the shityea dog fight phh watever,eeeeewwwwh its a b***h look at her growl?does she scare yur dog i bet she doesdoes she scare yushe certainly tlk abt Vickjust remember he aint the convicttht would be yu.Don't disrespect a man who has every right to be in this world! It's not right and he doesn't disrespect you! So let it the ******** go because Michael Vick is a changed man!

i love youbut is it trueabsolutely notnow ******** youi dont have timeyur not worth ******** with meid commit a crimeviolenceits passionuncontrolled weaknessblood and painsuch endless joylaughing and cryingas i watch yu diei wont evn waste my breathcause yu win,yu beat me to death

scream in horrorlook in the mirrorscream againbitch yu ******** with menow see what i didtheres no fixing tht facei warned yuguess what i did with all the skini stichd it togetherwant it back again?maybe have it sown to yur facelook to me bitchdont wanna race?yu lost yur betshowed disrespecti told yu id get yu bakbut of course yu flippd yur playboy hair and turnd away

hey bleach blond bitches look at meim a pretty brunette with a better bodyaww pout, cry, whatever yu doim not changing my hair to look like yuhey bleach blond bitches cheer like a whoreoh no the pretty brunette is getting morescream, rage, and throw a fitim better bc im an aerobics theropisthey bleach blond bitches look at medont yu ever dis me again or ill prove yu wrongjust cause im brunette it dont mean shitive got the looksive got the movesive got the booksive got the dudesbut im not as innocent as yu think i amim not as whorish, and slutty as yui am murderous and raginghoping for warso i can kill yur a** and bury yu under my floor!

in case yu havent caught on i write twisted poetry