Circa mio (About me)

Hey! ^^ I hope you're doing well who ever you are. XD
Soo About me huh? Okaaay well..
First off... lol My avatar looks nothing like me... XD

I love RolePlaying. ^^

I Love Jesus (He's my Savior =])

(This is kind of my out reach, I love coming on to these kind of sites and finding Christians. I am reformed. (Not quite sure how to explain it yet but I want to reach out to people) )

I am 15!

Umm.. I have four sisters. One younger and two older.

I live in California!!! (Thus.. u.u I surf *Nod nod*)

I'm pretty crazy. XD;

*Pets kitty!* >X3 I have three kitties!!

My favorite video games are: Jak and Daxter, (1,2, and 3) Kingdom hearts, (1 and 2) Shadow of the colossus, and Zelda. ^^

.... *Shrug* XD I think that's enough about me today. XD;