~ Hiyah! ~

Okay i bet you here to find something about me so... here's something about me! :3

- I live in Finland~

- I'm a weird person who likes fooling around doing nothing all day, dressing up my avatar nicely and keeping company to people... ofcourse there being days when i need some serious recharging... yeah... i-introvert problems right..?? (maybe a bit anxious too...)

- I love: chocolate, cool days + rain, my loved ones, Anime and video games ♥

- Things i hate: Spiders, mean people and loud noises... mostly dog barking (Am actually scared of dogs... doesn't matter the size, still spoopy...)

- Favorite colors include Lime green and red, well.. lilac/violet is one too ^^

- My hobbies: drawing, singing a bit (not that good but hey i still sing), playing video games and hassling around with all sorta things! Mostly life thou...

~Well, that was all for today and thank you for reading~

~See yah some nice day peeps~