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Alright, i was never fond of these things..o.o but names Reno, but preferably like to be called Draco on here. I don't bite TwT at least not to hard..>.> ahah..anywho~ I'm 19, ^^ i love Anime, i could go on and on about how much its awesomeness consumes me xD Bleach, Naruto, D. Gray-man, and Code Geass ^^ I love music too! English really isn't my thing..>.> I tend to sing in different languages xD So far i can sing Japanese, Swedish, a little German, and I'm trying to learn Russian xD My favorite band is Flow <3 My favorite colors are Blue and Red :3 Blue for my playfulness and Red for my need to care to much xD Speaking of playfulness :3 i act like a puppy, a lot actually xD I love dogs :3 more so puppies, but wolfies are my favorite animal! ^o^ I read, Writing, Draw, does coloring count? xD I also play video games, enjoy messing around, hanging out with friends and so on :3

I love to talk xD if you haven't noticed ^^ If you've read it all the way through this far please, just bare a little longer xD ill wrap it up in a minute. I cherish all my friends, Internet Friends and all. Courtney, of cause, Niki, Sarah, Leah, Paige, Trevor, Seth, and Lea <3 Mess with my friends and you deal with me too. ^^ Leave me a comment if you want <3 i love making new friends, getting stuff for free is ok too xD though i don't beg >.> or nag at rich people or money. I earn mine, and yes, if you ask nicely, sure! ill give you something ^^ anyways..yea xD thank you for listening!

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ChrisNeo-x Report | 05/06/2010 8:20 pm
MissNyuu Report | 04/15/2010 12:29 pm
Did you ever know you are my hero~
Your everything I wish I could be~
and I would fly higher than an eagle~
if you were the wind beneth my wings~

I really just felt like sending that to someone ^^"
kkuma Report | 12/23/2009 12:00 pm
hey.. do you think you can trade your gin the kitty for my princess bird? (its all i have) if not... its ok gonk
Suki Kirah Report | 12/23/2009 11:32 am
Suki Kirah
hey i was wondering if i could give you one of my avi arts plus 405k for your fallen wish ?
Karra2187 Report | 12/21/2009 2:54 pm
You know im really starting to not like that demonic bubbles chick >.>
i am a 9 tailed fox Report | 12/21/2009 1:20 pm
i am a 9 tailed fox
.. this is i am a 9 tailed fox witch my username was iifoxy-chan plz help me !!!!!!!!!!
i am a 9 tailed fox Report | 12/21/2009 1:19 pm
i am a 9 tailed fox
omg i am crying right now becase i really got hacked this time well banned and i cant get bac on it T^T crys can u give me some items so i whont eba noob and this is my sisters account sad
sweet_fireflies Report | 12/20/2009 10:16 pm
hi... could u help me out? im trying to get a mythic hair and masterpieces....
iifoxy-chan Report | 12/20/2009 4:37 pm
am i asking for 2 much >w< srry if i am
xXDemonic_BubblesXx Report | 12/09/2009 5:42 pm

Ohhhh, fun. Haha.
Thank you very much!
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