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This account is a cosplay of Yukina from Yu Yu Hakusho.
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XXXYukina (雪菜 Yūkina) is a member of an all-female race of Ice Apparitions. She's very young for a demon (I'm estimating her age to be somewhere in the late 90s?) and appears to be very innocent. She came to the human world in search of her brother...even though she had no clue who he was, not even knowing his name. By the end of the series, she still hasn't found him.
XXX(Note: In Eizou Hakusho, a set of short OVAs following Yu Yu Hakusho, in episode 6, it is heavily implied that Yukina has figured out that Hiei is her long lost brother. Of course it's never stated outright. In my RPs with her, I'm going to choose to make her not know it.)

| Family |

Hiei - brother
Hina - mother(deceased)

| Appearance |

Yukina has long seafoam-green hair that is kept in a low ponytail, tied with a red ribbon. She's short and almost child-like in appearance. She is usually seen wearing a long-sleeved, light blue kimono with a darker obi that's tied in the back.

| Personality |

Yukina, unlike her family of female ice apparitions, is very kind and polite, although naive at times. Because of her upbringing, she is oblivious to Kuwabara's romantic feelings towards her at the beginning of the series, only finding his flirting to be humorous. She cares deeply for him and her other friends and enjoys their company.

| Brief Character History |

Yukina's mother, Hina, broke the rules of their people by conceiving a male through her relationship with her lover, a male fire demon. Hina gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy, Hiei, was taken from her, since he was viewed as being cursed, and banished from their realm. Hina later committed suicide, and her best friend, Ree, raised Yukina. At the right time, Yukina was told about her twin brother, and Yukina left the ice world to look for him.

After Yukina was kidnapped by Gonzo Tarukane, the Spirit World sent Yusuke and Botan to rescue her. Kuwabara, convinced that she was his destined soulmate, also went along to save her. Hiei arrived and stopped Tarukane from escaping with her, but chose not to reveal that he was her brother.

Over time, Yukina distanced herself from her people. She felt that the Ice Maidens had grown cynical and emotionless as a race, remarking that their hearts were as "frozen as their homeland".

| Techniques/Abilities |

Ice Manipulation: Being an ice demon, naturally she has at least a moderate control over ice. For example, while being held captive by Tarukane, she froze the room whenever he or his men came to retrieve the valuable crystal tears she produced.

Crystal Tears: Yukina's tears harden into dense crystallized beads that are coveted by demons. That's because most ice maidens, being as cold-hearted as they are, only cry one tear just after having a child, which can only happen once a century.

Healing: Yukina possesses slight healing abilities. This is made apparent when she uses them to heal Kuwabara, both after his and Yusuke's fight with the Toguro brothers, and later on in the Dark Tournament. Yukina also seems to be able to regress into a state where she can't feel physical pain (though she may merely have become resistant due to years of torture under fire talismans by Tarukane).