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a great journey starts with the first step

all quests and alchemy dead due to to Mp prices


Ok people plain and freaking simple
- Ignore my rules and I will Ignore you
- the price I list is what I am keeping it at I will not drop it for any reason
- if I under cut you sorry deal with it
- all transactions are final
- if your short for an item I am selling by 10 - 50k its ok to haggle
- no trades period, getting sick of trading for something to sell it only to get under cut on it ridiculously afterwards
- do not send me friends requests to con your way into getting items in my shop, you want them then bid or buy, anyone who ignores this will be blocked
- private messages making offers that ignore the rules listed will be ignored and if the person persists they will be added to my ignore list
- one last thing, to everyone who buys thank you very much your purchases help me with my wish list and whatever alchemy formulas I have


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Random Stuff About Me

status: single, straight, slowly picking up the pieces

I Do Not respond or acknowledge beggars who message me or leave comments out of the blue

Nor do I respond to or accept friends requests from people out of the blue that I've never spoken with, without a valid reason

::screen name meaning::
Magus = Latin for mage
Paladin = elite royal guard of a castle

::Random lines that pop up in my head::

"without light there is no darkness without darkness there is no light"

"perfection is a blind word created by the weak minded who've set themselves above others to cover up their own insecurities"

"stand up for those in need regardless of who they are"

"every living thing has the potential to be good or evil"

"some of the greatest battles are won not by fighting and weapons but by words and understanding"

"in order to see the greatness within ourselves we must look at ourselves through others eyes"

"to fight is to not just raise a weapon or a hand, raise your voice and fight with words to make others understand"

"a lot of things stink, but nothing can top the stink of someone shitting a brick"

"I don't have to fear the dark I Am the guy with the knife"

"the higher the standards you set the harder the fall will be when they aren't on par with it"

"the truest path to happiness is to be honest with yourself and be true to who you really are"

"like time love is eternal no matter what it's from"

"future fathers of the current generation remember this when play wrestling with your 3 or 4 year old remember a cup the kids will most likely aim for the jewels"

"Debating something with myself, my shadow, and a random rabbit"

"The whole world is crazy, we just have to be sane enough to accept it"

"the burden of fault lies not with one but those around them to aid in shouldering that burden"

"If you keep looking at the world through blind eyes then you'll never see the knife right in-front of you"

"when your task is at it's easiest is when it's truly at it's hardest"

"when asked about faith I respond I do not have faith in words in a book or the gaze of something from above, what I have faith in is the unstoppable human spirit"

"no life regardless of the exterior appearance deserves to be treated like anything less then as it is"

"love is a fleeting and fragile thing, nurture it and care for it gently to watch it grow into something beautiful"

"Though the days have turned into months I sit here waiting even when the months turn into years"

"The loneliness of a man can be felt on the icy winds of the night"

"everyone is willing to accept my help, few are willing to accept my advice, everyone readily accepts my kindness, so why does hardly anyone accept me for who I am beyond my looks?"

.:latest attempt:.

random pics

random mecha pics

bunny pics
"all bunny pics are gifts from a friend"

My friends are like a second family to me so I will do anything to help them.
just a dude buzzin around trying to make friends and have fun. though I look rich cause of my avi I'm s**t face poor most of the time.
also I'm chinese, I follow no religion, my zodiac is the rabbit and my horoscope is leo, prudish people beware I shall give you an earful on how your small argument is nothing more then a drop of water in the ocean of conflict that is the events of the world.

anime: Final Fantasy Unlimited
food: sushi
snack: chips, pocky
music: various foreign the majority of the time
form of entertainment: ANIME
game: Final Fantasy series
item in collection: Soul Of Chokogen GX - 49 Shin Mazinger Z with God Scrander
2nd item in collection :FFVIII gunblade replica
animal: rabbits
song(s) (japanese) : ima ga sono toki da, Storm, heart of sword
song(s) (english) : before I forget, through the fire and flames
rain makes me feel drained
waking up to being hit or loud noises
bitter food
insanely spicy food
unwanted rude comments
causing sever pain or injury to someone for entertainment
country music
domestic music (i.e. most stuff played on US radios)

mochi puppy = puni
pora ice = pol
grunny = quatra
spirit falcon = avion
tama's basket = ampa
pixie = crysta
herme's moon = yuma
wild things roc = chobi
shadow spirit = necro
white bun bun plushie = akiyo
summoning tome light dragon = draco
summoning tome dark dragon = ryu
inari's beads foxes = yin (blue fox) yang (orange fox)
gramster = remmy
alruna's rose = runa
outlaw wolf pup = kane
panda plushie = akuma
pongo the ferret = chamon
sven the penguin = dew
gin the kitty = rinrin
titus the lion = kaizer
bom bom the bunny = Bai Mei
gravypuff the turkey = giblets
bani the bunny = sno
Xaio Tu Zi = sen
2nd Xaio Tu Zi = Mallow
twister the fire phoenix = pirp
Golden Belle = Akiko
Chanho the Tiger Plushie = Fu
Xin the Lucky Dragon = Xin
Siku the White Wolf = ren
pancake the bunny = pancake
Xochitl the Quetzagriffon = Midoriku
Fantasy Star Kitten = Momochi
Tunnu the bear = Shiro
Maximilian the Snowdog = Yuki
gaia office pet nomnom = Joker
Kudz the kitsune = Kaoru

::july 16th = my gaiaversary...umm woo::

:: opinion on fanservice on gaia:: no one take offense to this please it's just an opinion ::

"when girls get fan service guys feel a little upset but get over it after a few days. when guys get fan service girls get pissed the ******** off and make damn well sure to let everyone and the staff know while ripping random people a new a*****e for trying to calm em down"
"you can all do whatever the hell you want it's just a bleeding head ache to me now"

.:recent gundam kit projects:.

1/100th No Grade / Master Grade kits

GN - 001 Gundam Exia 2 h 25m
GN - 002 Gundam Dynames 2 h 55m
GN - 003 Gundam Kyrios 2h 43m
GN - 004& GN-005 Virtue/Nadleeh Gundam 3h 11m
GN - 006 Cherudim Gundam 2h 25m
GN - 007 Arios Gundam 1h 40m
GN - 008& GN -009 Seravee/Seraphim Gundam 3 h 26m
GN - 000 & GNR - 010 Gundam 00 Raiser 2h 55m
GNT - 0000 Gundam 00 Quan[t] 4 h 05m
AGE - 1 Gundam AGE 1 Norm 3h 01m
AGE - 1 Gundam AGE 1 Titus 2h 37m
AGE - 1 Gundam AGE 1 Sparrow 2h 34m
AGE - 2 Gundam AGE 2 Norm 3h 42m
AGE - 2 Gundam AGE 2 Double Bullet N/A
MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom 4h 21m
MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd L 2h 40 minutes (after minor gluing)
RX - 0 Gundam Unicorn 4h 41m
RX - 0 Gundam Unicorn Full Armor Ver Ka 6h 38m
RX - 0 Gundam Unicorn Banshee 4h 38m
RX - 0 Gundam Unicorn Phoenix N/A
ZGMF - X09A Justice Gundam N/A
ZGMF - X10A Freedom Gundam N/A
ZGMF- X19A Infinite Justice Gundam 2h 20m
ZGMF- X20A Strike Freedom Gundam 2h 03m
ZGMF - X42S Destiny Gundam 1h 57m
XXXG - 00W0 Wing Gundam Zero 1h 45m
XXXG - 00WP0 Wing Gundam Proto Zero 3h 33m
Sengoku Astray Gundam 4h 5m
GAT-X105B/FP Build Strike Gundam 3h 48m
UB - 01 Universe Booster 2h 20m
GX - 9900 Gundam X 3h 6m
ASW - G- 08 Gundam Barbatos (1st Form) 2h 57m (6th Form) 3h 4m
ASW - G- 11 Gundam Gusion Rebake 3h 46m
EB-06s Graze Commander 1h 50m
Carrier Collection 1/400th kits
CBS - 70 Ptolemaios 1h 55m
OZ - 13MS Gundam Epyon 3h 55m
O.M.N.I Enforcer GAT-X105 Strike Gundam + Aile, Launcher, and Sword Gear 5h 41m
RGM -79N GM Custom 3h 20m
RGM - 89 Jegan 3h 00m
GF13 - 017NJ Burning Gundam 2h 25m
ASW - G - 08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus 3h 14m
ASW - G - 08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex 3h 05m
XXXG - 01D2 Gundam Death scythe Hell Custom 4h 39m
XXXG-0W0 Wing Gundam Zero EW Custom 4h 37m
XXXG-01W Wing Gundam 3h 41m
ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam 3h 13m
RGM - 79SP GM Sniper 2 2h 53m
MBF - P03R Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise 3h 51m
GNT - 0000 Gundam 00 Quan[t]FS 3h 45m
RX - 93 - V2 Hi - V Gundam 4h 43m
XXXG - 01SRVK Gundam Sandrock 2h 49m
XXXG - 01H2 Gundam Heavy arms Custom 2h 59m
RB - 79 RST Mobile Ball 1h 18m
GAT - X102 Duel Gundam (W/ Assault Shroud) 3h 15m
GAT - X207 Blitz Gundam 2h 43m
RGM - 96X Jesta 3h 23m
XXXG - 01S2 Altron Gundam 2h 37m
GAT - X103 Buster Gundam 2h 30m
XXXG - 01SR2 Gundam Sandrock Custom 2h 49m

1/144th Real Grade/High Grade kits

O.M.N.I Enforcer GAT-X105 Strike Gundam + Aile Gear 3 hrs 18 m
FX - 550 Sky Grasper + Launcher and Sword Gear 3h 25m
ZGMF - X10A Freedom Gundam 3h 11m
ZGMF - X09A Justice Gundam 3h 12m
ZGMF - X20A Strike Freedom Gundam N/A
M.E.T.E.O.R - Mobile suit Embedded Tactical EnfORcer 1h 29min
XXXG-0W0 Wing Gundam Zero EW Custom 2h 57m
RX-78GP03 +GP03S Dendrobium 9h 04m
GN Arms Type - E 3h 30m
Infinitism Mazinger Z 1h 17m
Infinitisim MazinKaiser 1h 59m
Infinitism Getter Robo G 2h 45m
Core Gundam w/ Earth Three armor 1h 50m
Mars Four Armor 35m
Venus Two Armor 48m
Gundam 00 Sky (Trans am Infinity ver.) 2h 13m

.:1/72nd High End Master Model kit Zoids:.

RZ - 041 Liger Zero w/ Zero Armor 4h 48m
CAS - Schneider Unit 2h 32m

.:1/60th Perfect Grade:.
MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame 9h 6m
O.M.N.I Enforcer GAT-X105 Strike Gundam 6h 47m
FX - 550 + AQM/E-X01 Skygrasper + Aile Striker 2h 54m
GN - 001 Gundam Exia (LE Ver) 13h 28m
GN - 000 & GNR - 010 Gundam 00 Raiser 16h 12m ((currently longest build))
ZGMF - X20A Strike Freedom Gundam 14h 07m
O.M.N.I.Enforcer GAT-X Perfect Strike Pack 3h 29m

.::Misc. Models::.

Digimon Digital Monster Re-Imagine Omegamon 1h 56m
Martian Successor Nadesico Nergal ND - 001 Nadesico 1h 3m
Martian Successor Nadesico Nergal ND - 001Y Nadesico Y Expansion 2h 7m



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Hello,, ole friend
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Boy ^.^
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Yeah we gotta catch up! biggrin
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Awww hey you'll get it I'm sure of it! And guess what! There's another rugrat biggrin 4 months old! heart
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Because, E, it's been a while razz razz I changed my username.

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Akari Moon
Well like I said I'm here if ya ever need an open ear to listen.
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Akari Moon
Hello hope the new year has been nice to ya. I'm always around if ya need an ear to listen. Take care!

"there is nothing to fear in the dark unless you know theres a psycho hidding with a knife"