If you have a question or anything, about me, just ask. Its not that big of a deal. I'm not going to bite your head off.

I was previously Satonabee, but I changed my username.
You can still call me Sato, everyone does. I've been called cupcake a few times. And as long as I know your talking to me I don't really care what you call me.

I'm not the same as most girls,
I'm country.

I'll be the first one to jump into the mud, or anything
Fishing is one of my favorite things to do
A good book is the remedy to all ills.
I still color with sidewalk chalk.
I love to eat
and baking sweets.

You don't have to like what I do for us to be friends, I'm not picky, as long as you can hold a good conversation, laugh at your own mistakes, and know how to have fun, your good in my book.

I've got a twin!
Her name is [-M!intyFreshness-]
and she is the shiz.
So you better be nice to her or ELSE! ^-^

Ma Lovlies:
[-M!ntyFreshness-], iLurk, [ D u c k y ], The Patient Mental , steve the freshmaker, V2xConstantinos, Loll!p0ps, retarded_kid, Ryan the Vigilant,
MY NEW LOVELY - La Belle Cherie
And I can't forget my sissy -> izabellaxame

So you better be nice to them!


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The Secrets of Cupcake

Its my mind; Written down. Read if you must.


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The Patient Mental

Report | 06/19/2015 9:57 pm

The Patient Mental

I'm mostly too stubborn and dumb to give up. I just started school again. So we will see how that goes.

Report | 06/07/2015 9:36 pm


Yays and thank you n.n
I love your avi as well right now its super adorables but simple~ ♥
The Patient Mental

Report | 06/07/2015 5:20 pm

The Patient Mental

They are not as important these days. It is a shame.

Honestly it just sucks. For everything that goes right the things I want and strive for always seem to go wrong. But I keep trying and I guess that's all I can do.

Report | 06/05/2015 3:26 pm


Ohs okies then and I know exactly what you mean cuz I am pretty much the same way with questing :3
You are also very quite kind as well an I know I also don't like to take others offers I'm more of a giver <3
Yeah I really do love the new lavender and minty combo as well I love it just as much as monochrome but rainbow items are what I adore even a bit more then that hehe <3
Lol yeah I know I see the new shinys and wants them as well gaias a bad thing for me to be on as well x.x
Yays well I'm glad to know that I could at least make your day betters on gaia ^^
The Patient Mental

Report | 06/05/2015 1:25 pm

The Patient Mental

Congratulations on the job. That's awesome you might have gotten it. smile

Yeah I hope I can start doing great soon too. But all things considered they could always be worse. So I shouldn't complain too much.

I don't usually do much on Gaia anymore. Just talk to some old friends since that's the only way I can contact some.

Report | 06/05/2015 7:55 am


Awwww thank you and I am glad I could help but I would love to help out mores if I can and if you don't mind ^^
So do you mind me asking just how much more you would need to gets it? cuz I wouldn't mind donating some goldies :3

Report | 06/05/2015 7:32 am


Nawwww I wish you all the luck in getting it cuz I do love this hair as well :3
I wish I could helps you out really I dos >w<
Your welcomes and you have a wonderful day as well~ ♥
The Patient Mental

Report | 06/01/2015 4:29 pm

The Patient Mental

It really is amazing how different it is. I'm doing as well as I can. Not great. Not terrible. Middle of the road. I hope you're well. I miss talking to you. smile

Report | 07/13/2014 10:23 pm


Sooo... I got online to check something on my subscribed threads and I noticed you've recently been online so HI I MISS YOU LIKE A LOT. <3
The Patient Mental

Report | 01/25/2014 9:25 pm

The Patient Mental

I enjoy it where I can. It pays the bills and it is a good feeling to help out, too. Though, some days it seems like it is just random assault after random assault and it gets tiring. But I have a good partner so that's been helping.

Back to school, huh? Are you aiming for a higher degree or a second one? That's awesome you can do that. I think I would go crazy being in school so long. So I definitely envy that you're so good at getting through it. You're quite missed, you know? =]


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