I'm pretty awesome actually. I'm loud and sarcastic and I don't take crap from anyone. First impressions aren't always everything and there's usually more to me than meets the eye. I love taking pictures and I'm thinking I'll major in photography for college. I sing and I write and I read and I make jokes and I laugh and I talk. Money burns a hole in my pocket so I'm usually broke. I still don't have my permit so I guess that makes me kind of lame. My friends say I'm pretty but who cares right? right. I want to take a road trip across the U.S. Fifty states in two months. And then I want to go backbpacking across Europe with my older brother. My mom wants me to be a model and my younger brother tells everyone I'm on drugs. I'm pretty thug nasty and probably the softest kid you'll ever meet. in case you didn't know.
Oh and I pretty much love everyone except for complete idiots and suckups and fakes and liars and child molesters.

the end<3

(this is pats now, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)


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the secrets of my not-so secret soul

Uh, I'll write whatever I feel like god.


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ha pat called you lame

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wow your really lame

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Hello ello...I just felt like commenting. And now that I have my life is complete. ^_^

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im coming back, you know what i mean

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Hello again my love that I love with all the love in my heart...love!!
*stole that from fairly odd parents...XD*

Anyways you didn't get deleted or kicked off for saying the word 'sex' so I suppose its ok, just try not to say it so much where kids report you...then you get deleted. Stupid kids ;D

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Woo Hoo!!

First comment!!

Hi love how's it going for you in your gaian life? ^^


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