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Bonjour madames, monsieurs, je m'appelle Lilou, j'adore musique, cuisine, les cinemas.

"The softest sound in the world, can only exist if you believe you hear it."

I love literature, there are too many titles to read and I simply adore listing off useless facts that none have heard of. Some pin it down to gift of gab, but I love knowing anything and everything. It helps when I get in a creative mood.

So what brings me to gaia? Honestly I have been part of this forum for a very long time. The accounts and purposes have changed, along with friends and acquaintances. But through it all I have always enjoyed the gaian way.

Most days I enjoy reading and overdosing on coffee. Other days I love to paint or write short stories. Which does bring the question, yes I do enjoy a well written RP.

Should you feel inclined, there are a few basics you must know:

I am not one for violence, so take that notion out.

I lean more heavily to the female persuasion, sorry gentlemen, there are some redeeming qualities, but there are very specific men I enjoy company with.

Literacy, I need story, I need detail. Small sentences and poor spelling are just a buzzkill. Be creative! Mon dieu!

I have quite a few roleplay scenarios in my many scribbled journals, and would love to discuss them with you heart


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Ashen Cadaver Report | 11/27/2023 7:17 pm
Ashen Cadaver
RadicalRaptr Report | 11/24/2023 3:40 pm
My my... Well don't let me stop you~ I would certainly love to see just how beautiful you think I am~
emotion_kiss emotion_kiss
ll Maliki ll Report | 11/22/2023 10:48 pm
ll Maliki ll
heart yum_donut emotion_bigheart
kidraychan Report | 11/19/2023 11:23 pm
Nyaaa miss ya
GoblinIntention Report | 11/19/2023 8:01 pm
Oh my redface
PopAhri Report | 11/19/2023 6:46 pm
Miss you too doll heart
GoblinIntention Report | 11/19/2023 11:49 am
Ventus Rici Report | 11/18/2023 3:39 pm
Ventus Rici
I'm all for some play time~! Although I hope I do fit your criteria for the type of male company you enjoy.
Ezthebat Report | 11/18/2023 1:57 pm
Hello madame! cat_3nodding
MaidForTemptation Report | 11/18/2023 1:29 pm
I am here Daddy, ready to obey x



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