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Reality is just a dream.

The heart is never broken, Just the illusion of the heart.

I do not agree with you.

No one is perfect.

Everything happens for a reason.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.

If you can not deal with someone who says what is on their mind than I suggest you do not speak at all...

I dislike what you are.

I dislike your attitude.

You are nothing to me.
I am an a*****e. I am aware of this. You don't have to tell me.

Grammar is a sign of intelligence. If you disagree, it's because you're stupid.

.x. Wishing .x.

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The norm. Rants, poetry, stories, bickering, more rants.

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Sayuri Tsuki Report | 04/12/2009 1:24 pm
Sayuri Tsuki
Count Ai Report | 02/28/2009 1:11 pm
Count Ai
*nods* Oh yes, she is as right as day and trying to chew chords else where... that small little trouble maker. User Image lol
Count Ai Report | 02/26/2009 11:18 pm
Count Ai
That's good to hear that you've been well. So sorry for not getting to you sooner. My cat actually chewed off the adapter to our router and it made us lose internet for a few days before we found an adapter that actually fit the requirements. User Image
Count Ai Report | 02/19/2009 2:33 pm
Count Ai
*nods* That's true. Just last night I overslept probably to make up for some of it. Either that or just lazy, but I'm still sort of tired. *chuckles* So how have you been?
Count Ai Report | 02/15/2009 12:12 pm
Count Ai
Do forgive me for the sudden disappearance. It seems my connection was lost with the IM. I have been doing fine though, but have been lacking a lot of sleep lately. ^^
Count Ai Report | 02/14/2009 8:38 am
Count Ai
Hey Happy Valentine's Day, Monsieur~! *hugs* I hope it's going well for you?
][Eros][ Report | 08/03/2008 11:15 pm
a** monkies are for kids.
lxl-Nue-lxl Report | 08/03/2008 12:08 am
I'm deleting a lot of old comments. No one get offended if a comment of theirs disappears. D:
Androow Report | 07/26/2008 4:12 am
I don't anymoar ;D

Now I got hornys.


Did you know that your goggles create the illusion of you having big nips? User Image
My kilter is off Report | 07/20/2008 10:20 pm
My kilter is off
I guess you could say that I'm not unwell, and how are you doing?


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