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What to say...
Please just call me AJ for now. I'm quiet, shy, and tend to stay to myself. All I want is to be loved and accepted for who I am, but I guess that is too much to ask for. I'm not pretty or none of that s**t...Nor am I emo/goth. I am who I am. Don't like it, then ******** off. Don't waste my time. I do have trust issues. If you betray my trust, have fun trying to earn it back. Not easy. I hate people who are judgemental. As my quote goes, "You don't know me, so you have no right to judge me." I have little patience for those who are incompetent, bombastic, or just think they're flat out better than everyone else. Go brag somewhere else. And time does not heal all wounds...It only makes them worse. That's how I see it. Eh, who knows.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing, drawing, reading and playing video games once in a while. I hope to be a writer, but I really need to improve my writing a lot. Lol. And yes, I can be very annoying.

One Last Thing
Forgive me if it takes forever and a day to update my stories...If you haven't noticed, I'm trying to write three stories at once, along with poems, I get writer's block rather frequently and I have things going on at home that have taken up some of my time, as well...And I want my stories to be the best that I can get them...I'm trying to take what little "talent" I have and run with it...Might I add, it hasn't been going so well... -_-;; I'm also working on turning Vampire's Song into a manga. My drawing skills have improved a little, but not much. ^_^;;


Where you can find my writings:
Photobucket- Private
Myspace- Ask
Facebook- Ask

Current Stories:
~Vampire's Song
~Code Ayumu

Current Poems:
~Eternal Love
~In Your Dreams
~My Breath, My Life, My Everything
~Winter Love
~I Cry Alone
~Difficult To Survive
~With This Rose


Girl: Do you like me?
Boy: No
Girl: Do you want me?
Boy: No
Girl: If i left would you cry?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you live for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Do I ever cross your mind?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you do anything for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Which would you pick me or your life?
Boy: My life
Hearing this, the girl turns and starts running away with tears filling her eyes. The boy chases after her and stops her.

you don't cross my mind because your always on my mind.
I don't like you because i love you.
I don't want you be because i need you.
If you left i would die, not cry.
I wouldn't live for you because i would die for you.
I wouldn't do anything for you because i would do everything for you.

But I would still pick my life..... because you are my life
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My Dream Avatars
How can I choose only one?
Any donations will be appreciated!

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Kokutan the Demon Cat
Kokutan the Demon Cat
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Midnight Angel's Mind

My journal contains someof my poems and info on the stories that I'm writing...And the occasional random thought.


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JustJinJer Report | 12/07/2020 9:47 am
TY 4 buying @ my store heart
BlackRose_Jefe Report | 03/15/2014 1:44 pm
rofl did you just...poop? emotion_eyebrow
BlackRose_Jefe Report | 03/15/2014 1:15 pm
lmao. I WANT PANCAKES! emotion_omnomnom
BlackRose_Jefe Report | 03/15/2014 10:29 am
my fat a** went through the floorboards again rofl
BellaRose2011 Report | 02/13/2014 5:29 am
Thank you for buying from my store emotion_hug
BlackRose_Jefe Report | 09/22/2013 10:58 am
i know and it more than likely wont get finished lol. its ok. it was late anyways and i didnt really stay on too much longer myself.
BlackRose_Jefe Report | 09/21/2013 9:51 pm
rofl me too. we could do it if we actually put our minds to it and stay focused. well, i dont see why we couldnt anyways.
BlackRose_Jefe Report | 09/21/2013 9:10 pm
BlackRose_Jefe Report | 09/21/2013 8:56 pm
now im dancing stupid by a car lol
Javier Cross Report | 05/14/2013 8:44 pm
Javier Cross
You have a great taste in clothes. razz

A lot of the pics on your profile are outdated but pleasure to meet you all the same.


I will gladly accept any fall/fox/shiny items anyone doesn't want.
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