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Avitar Art?

Need some Avi art? just ask!! ill pm you some ive done. Sadly, My senior year of high school has started. so ill be taking a new customer once every couple of weeks. sorry guys.(if you have a request pm it to me)

Avitar art done for me.
You Look Tasty
Luna Divinus
Divinus Fatum
Hitachiin Kaoru x
S e s h i i r i a
Intoxicate Racoon (another version)
l-Prince Belphegor-l

Fan Signs.
adore fan signs. Me? You? Exchange fan signs? Yes? Sweet.

The Fan Signs.
Cheremy LeBeau<333!!!!
l-Prince Belphegor-l<33
Xx_My Crimson Tears_xX

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I'm Luna Divinus. (latin for The Luna Diviner), but you can call me Luna.

Name.: If you want to know, ask.

Age: 17 years old.

Gender: Male.

Race: Half African American, Half Seminole Native American.

Location: New Mexico.

Home: Daegu, South Korea.

Grade: Officially a Senior. oh yes.

Randomness: Loves his guitar. (candy apple red fender Strat ftw) and Lelouch Vi Britannia <3

Likes: Winter, rain, snow, fluffy things, cute things, Televisions, big cities, PENGUINS, puka shell necklaces, Hayao Miyazaki and Quentin Tarantino Films, Socks, books, crayons, pop tarts, Coheed and Cambria, and The Mars Volta.

Dislikes: Cold feet, hot weather, stinky things , dirty rooms, bitter tastes, radical people(not like surfer radical, but unreasonable radical... i guess i should have just said that instead huh?), Flavor aid, Fish, annoying people, when the ice wont come out of its trey, clothes sticking out of their drawers, finger prints on my dvd's or cd's, loud music in small cars, and broken taco shells.

Can tolerate:Some Rap and R&B, small children, loud noises, overly dramatic people, weird faces, and know it alls.

Pictures of me:-->Uno Dos tres cuatro cinco<--

Wanna know more?: PM me or something.Fasho

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