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Domo Da Report | 04/15/2024 11:30 pm

That´s awful time is money :c
Like having to send back making client wait, wait for new one...

Domo Da Report | 04/12/2024 11:22 pm

Why frustratig?

Damn... maybe, well yeah no can´t identify so nice to meet you again just incase LOL
Domo Da Report | 04/08/2024 2:43 pm
Nice n.n

and I see now why so quick on mechanics (well more knowledgeable) awesome job

Fisher since?
(am trying to figure out if met before xd)

Yeah, thank you c:

I remember :d
Though don´t remember exact age

Domo Da Report | 04/05/2024 12:58 am
That´s good, sucks when business goes down.
It´s best when business is thriving and can attend to it. Hate that, merely like seasonal jobs. stare

Why you feel silly? It was a fun past time that now remains in the past no?

And I guess, I tried fishing on my other mule did 5hr sleep recently it was soothawful but am stubborn so kept at it a bit whilst had the opportunity. ToT

Have you had your username changed?

Oh no! I´m so ancient, I´m a 90s baby cat_lol

Just didn´t have the means and knowledge to have a "normal" education. I guess the after more so. My goal was to aim for a different job, as property sells isn´t working out as much anymore due to increase prices and don´t want to work fixing smartphones anymore as a side job but fear now am gonna face other issues. cat_sweatdrop
Domo Da Report | 04/04/2024 12:55 pm
Good to read and know you´re doing fine. n.n
Ah, well that´s good I think... no? Work is better than no work ToT

That´s true, notice the fishing scores for have gone down drastically. I´m assuming for the same reason most are now busy, aside the site had died a little.

Same except for the working part, been stress gaming lately, so close to finishing HS cat_sweatdrop
Domo Da Report | 04/03/2024 1:26 pm
How´s it going?

Aye n.n
Noted, that´s a hell of a score emotion_jawdrop
Have you ever thought of fishing again?
His Yandere Report | 03/09/2024 8:10 pm

Hey, friendo~!
Domo Da Report | 03/03/2024 11:46 am
Oh shoot, you where a fisher too xd
Domo Da Report | 03/02/2024 11:16 pm
Ah life ^^'
Good to read you're okay
Same, + sick but good now.
Finally got this week free, to do nothing so that helped. lol
Domo Da Report | 02/29/2024 3:06 am
How you been? o:

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