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Just your average ancient vampire hermit projecting my soul into the mortal realm to search for the perfect deviled egg recipe and pet lots of cats. I love patterned socks, playing puzzle games, and mint teas. My best quality is I burned down an elven castle in the winter of 1772. I'm only around here to play dress up with fake digital clothing.

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(I don't have any money to buy gaia cash or etc. so I barely have enough to afford anything on my wishlist lol.. if you ever happen to stop by here and want to gift/buy me something, please let me know! I do art and stuff, so maybe I could trade you something in exchange.. Especially the "Selene's Horns" item (first in my wishlist) gghgh... I've wanted it for so long but it's like 800,000,000,000 gold usually, which is like... 2x everything I have lol... b l e a s e ... helpe....))



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