Good Dog...

In his pup years, Lu was at the top of his game. The village people adored him. His friends admired him. His enemies feared his name. He was Humanity's Best Friend..

But, one night, an elder woman cried for him and asked for his assistance. She bellowed that there were criminals residing asleep in a local hospital and once they awoke, havoc would ensue alongside them.

Lu raced in without thought, baring his lycan form, and ready to feast the sleeping 'monsters.' And as they were, asleep and gurgling with neonatal aroma, the werewolf munched on each with redemption of their sins.

Victory roared. The screams of the people tattered his ears. But why were they more shrills of pain than laughter and cheer? A wavering smog overcame him. A drunkard vision relapsed and disappeared. He looked onto the result of his actions once more for they had shifted somewhat.

Lain in a heap and drenched in their blood were not men; not monsters; but children.......


Along came Harriett

Ever since that night, Lu hasn't been the same.....

He suppressed his lycan side and vowed to never change again. His temptations became null and void. Peace finally settled his conscience....consciences....consciences??

This wasn't his voice. It was heavy and HUNGRY. It wanted to "Kill them all." It even bared a name: Garoukinen. It had his birth name?

Lu feared this newer voice. He began to bicker with it and fight the longing urges of transformation. But the longer he withheld, the angrier it became....

At times, Lu would awaken in places where he did not sleep. Sometimes there were other bodies lain aside him. They weren't as much alive, however.

He was now Jekyll as "Garoukinen" was Mr.Hyde. Lu hated this. So , in mockery of this newer self, he renamed Garoukinen, "Harriett." Of course it hated it. Now they were even.....FOR NOW......