da namez Froggie
i smoke and drink. if yew got a prob with dat i don give a damm
cuz yew don matter to me.
i love RED.
210 S.A. Bloodz is wat i am

im 14 and i live with my mom
my mom is my evatin to me
and i don lye it when bitches with no life ******** disrespect her
my 2 older bros,my lil bro,and my sister are ******** pimp

i play volleyball,and i wrestle
i chn be very nice
but ******** piss me off,and i aint so nice
ppl say im ******** scary a** hell when im pissed
but watev

so yea
watev.don give a damm bout life
i put my friends and family before me
skool is gay but i gotta go
so yea

want more bout me hit me up in a message