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ok well i'm not the most GREATEST person in the world, nd ill never be perfect razz so hate me all u want, stand in line cuz theres a long line of ppl b4 u XP i'm not mean, but not the nicest person. jst ok in the middle i guess. i don't usually take out my anger on anybody nd even if i am mad or pissed i won't be bitchy but this jst goes out 2 future biitches i meet PLZ JST DON'T ******** with me cuz after middle school i lost it in about a minute but then i got over it razz but u can ask my sis she knows who the real me is nd there where moments when we had those fight over stupid stuff i don't really remember. i don't back down when i know i'm right XP but if i know i am wrong i won't stand in your way nd continue on in a fight i know i've lost. sometimes a hyopcrite but plz don't thing i'm some biitch that goes around juding ppl going around "i'm perfect!" thats my sis >.> i'm 14 turning 15 in December 5 smile freshman nd its not so easy razz 2000 ppl in one school walking all at once in the hallways with 3 damn floors nd i'm tired by 3rd period sad got a friend her name is ANA smile shes so nice nd shes mexican. oh yea i'm mexican nd filipino sooo i'm not mexican i'm not filipino i'm both!!! so thats it all i gotta say nd now 2 the basics . . .

Name: Illyanna (keeping last name a secret wink call me lily illy idk u choose

Favorite stuff: the color blue ( but its purple for now cuz blue is my bad luck color for the year), anime biggrin haven't been watching in awhile so its jst a secondary interest, the word love!!!! idk why but it jst inspired me in 7th so its been the most favorite word/subject for almost 3 years now ^^. Dogs r too cute smile i like sushi (the best!!!) i love pops the cereal (gotta have my pops biggrin ) gay ppl (lol there jst so funny i can't live without that raindow) thats all i can think of for now

Stuff i don't like >.>: HATERS (u biitches burn in hell!!! might as well walk into a ******** oven nd stay there >.> wink knives, scary movies, blood ( never gonna be a doctor) spiders, hate ( i mean i don't really mean it when i say burn in hell cuz i'm not that mean but the oven is jst waiting for u >.> wink sadness, lonliness, mold (its straight up nasty but fuzzy nd green) like i said i don't like haters/hypocrites/judgemental ppl/ superficial ppl ( i mean come on u can't hate somebody if u don't know who the hell they r?) nd last but not least this biitch i call sis is the worst sad u know why? cuz her fat a** sits on me whenever i take the window seat in the car >.> i swear i can't walk right anymore since that one time she sat on me for more than 3 seconds. u know wat kind of torture i go through?!? feel pity 4 me ;_; sad but . . . she does have her good sides lol she's crazy, fun, retarded, pretty . . . a lil bit >.>. so its not soo bad once u get 2 know her she's ok. so shes not that bad smile

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xXPearl AngelXx Report | 12/05/2011 5:20 pm
xXPearl AngelXx
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flare0079 Report | 12/04/2009 6:34 pm
happy birthday im glad u were born
felipelv Report | 12/02/2009 8:29 pm
happy bday
x__Vi3t-Babiie Report | 10/18/2009 12:03 pm
thanks for the buy o w o
giagirlisaawsomegirl585 Report | 07/09/2009 3:34 am
hey can you tell me how to put songs on your playist
iHYP3Y Report | 07/08/2009 3:13 pm
66an Report | 06/14/2009 3:00 pm
who are you?..............0_0...........
66an Report | 06/07/2009 8:54 am
your commet : who r u?

My reply : Vivian Luu, why?
xCANDI3_D3VILx Report | 05/11/2009 6:55 pm


coolioguy101 v2 Report | 02/14/2009 9:46 am
coolioguy101 v2

ppl who cared enough 2 look at my profile. :P

I Am noreen

ppl i know in real life