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Birthday: 10/31


A Fair Warning

Deep in the farthest recesses of a desolate land stood a towering castle, black and ominous, surrounded by dead trees overlooking an empty town. A blood red moon shone down constantly, glinting off the obsidian walls and casting a crimson glow on every surface it touched. The only other light provided in this land of perpetual night was the numerous torches lining the streets and the candles glowing ghostly in the empty windows. Reaching the cavernous doors of the foreboding castle, you step forward into the darkened interior of the kingdom. The main hall was dimly lit as to be expected, but through the moonlight one could see grandeur present in every detail. From the fine crimson tapestries to the black wrought-iron detailing of the furniture, no expense was spared. In the center, a large staircase led up through the darkness. Do you dare venture forward at this point? Can you fathom who it is that awaits in the gathering shadows?
Go back now. The path you tread is laden with the remnants of those who came before.


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Thoughts Through the Ages

Now now, do not get excited. These are merely words, fleeting thoughts throughout my days on this mortal earth. They might range from the vivid imagination to the simple and mundane. If you wish to comment, that is your decision.


This, and other artwork that appears on my profile, is a most generous gift from my dearest friend, The Immortal Rosencroix.User Image


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