Alriight noww listen up yaa uma tell yu a lil bout ma selff yaa 1st of all da names AMber yaa hataz n bitches seem to chocke on ma name allot let me tell all yu once more it aint a fukkin dik nuh it aint gunna bust n nuhh yu wont even be able to swollow xDD im 18 n im down in LOndon now holdin it down liesten yaa don try to act big n dat juss cuz ur dumb a** can type it aint gunna hurt me der aint nu need to impress nu one or be sum fake as mufukka be real talk real SAFE smile

wassup this is smoochies a.k.a the pimp showin luv to ma home girl always ther with her smiles an spliffs when i need them lol. to the only yankee i like a word of advice get some creps an stop wearin dem ******** boots (even though they r sexy) so u can get ur a** round quicker wid the spliffs!!! Much luv ya boy in london 4eva XX