Okay, so I'm qutting anyway. I see no point in being nice to you ******** tards ^-^

For starters, people with "Azn" in their names really
annoy me, are you flaunting the fact you're Asian? That's nice that you are
we don't give a ********. And it's not even just the "Azn" thing, it's the whole...not coming up with an original name. You and thousands of other gaia people have Azn in their names. And yet you claim to be soooo original. People who I send a whole message to trying to talk to them
and all they reply with is. "Ok." "Yea" "Lol" Short answers like that piss me off.
Gaia is a bitter place, it seems the richer the avatar the less fun that person seems to have, and the more "mature" they claim to be. I meet 13 year olds, who have the nerve to call me kid, or little girl. Fake friends on here annoy me, and alot of you bitches are on my friends list. Idk why I tried to be so nice to people who treat me like s**t. Half of you assholes didn't even know I quit, or even bothered to say bye if you did know. Just shows how great of a friend you are
huh? I enjoyed gaia, but liars and assholes really ruined it for me.
Oh, and to "gaia gangsters" You claim to be in gangs and that you're all hard.
If I turn my avi black, start wearing some baggy clothes, and say I'm hard will you believe me. Anyone can type "I'm in a gang" See I just did it. Wonder how many stupid people believed me. To the "emo" kids, who come on gaia talking about. "I'm gonna end my life." "I don't wanna be alive anymore" "Nobody loves me" Please just STFU already. If your life was really that bad, you would have killed yourself already. You only come online to b***h and moan and have other people worry about you.
Name drop time? Okay.
Spyke Bomber: A liar...helpful, but a liar...the incident with him, is what pushed me.
Mr_Bad3xample: Drop dead, that's all.
Eh, if your name wasn't mentioned that makes you a fake friend? NO, you were all fake friends ^-^.
I can't think of anymore to say right now, I'm happy I'm leaving....happy I never have to worry about dealing with you people anymore, ******** you and have a nice day.