Hello people,
I used to be on this site a lot but I'm not very active anymore. I made this account years ago and it's given me many fond memories and gave me a place to make friends and kill time. I'm quite busy now a days but I still enjoy coming on this site once in a while, especially around holidays for the events.
I will lurk around but don't expect me to reply to messages right away since I have other priorities.

Info about me:
I'm a nerdy girl, I like playing video games, I love pokemon, anime, and everything cute. I'm also an artist but don't want to advertise that around here since I no longer take gaiagold for commissions. I do not roleplay or cyber or any of that so keep it to yourself. :T
I'm interested in making some friends, so message me if you wanna chat sometime. I'm kind of shy but I'm friendly. I won't bite your head off unless you deserve it.