Welcome to this, my private corner of this finite space.
Call me Vanitas.

I disappear for long stretches of time, and return when it matters.
Leave a message if you need something.

Unversed, multiple parts, scattered memories.

Music: Istasha, Corpse, NF, Ren, Ryan Caraveo, Ayesha E.
Console: PC


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KatyaChekov Report | 06/02/2024 8:04 pm
This is true. It depends on the darkness, I suppose.
Tigerolf Report | 05/28/2024 1:14 am
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a good other Report | 05/27/2024 12:21 pm
a good other
Street recognizes street~

My profile is seriously outdated. It was made on a really old computer, so all the scrolling and sizing is weird. I'll update it. Maybe. Someday. sweatdrop But I am a huge Vanitas fan, so I had to graffiti your profile with my presence at least once!
KatyaChekov Report | 05/26/2024 7:45 pm
Well, Master Aqua doesn't necessarily know all the sides of the story. Some of us are more comfortable in the dark, or the dusk.
KatyaChekov Report | 05/25/2024 8:11 pm
I've found comfort in it since I was a child. There's safety there; the things that want to hurt you can't find you in the dark, in my experience.
Ryouna Runa Report | 05/24/2024 5:27 am
Ryouna Runa
Dang, it's been a while someone put my avie into their favorite

Thank you, fellow Vanitas enjoyer~
KatyaChekov Report | 05/22/2024 8:32 pm
And darkness is made of friends. 4laugh Friends and hiding and safety.
KatyaChekov Report | 05/21/2024 7:57 pm
Well, there's more to your existence than the x-blade, Vani... ninja
a good other Report | 05/20/2024 7:21 pm
a good other
This avatar and profile are amazing! I love it! heart
Mourning Pyre Report | 05/08/2024 9:59 pm
Mourning Pyre
Logged onto gaia on a whim, I'm not on a ton anymore if I'm honest, to find that pm so I'm gonna toss out there a few things;

1.) I've never and still don't despise you.
2.) Went to pm back to tell you that, cause what I have to say is too private for comments, got the no pnm's from non-friends so i went to accept and it was gone
3.) SO, I'm easier/much more active on discord so add me there if you truly wanna talk, mine's CopriComa.

Just yeah, know this that I've never despised you dude, the complete opposite actually and I don't despise you now. If that's all you take away from this then I'll be happy knowing you heard it from me first hand.


ll Vanitas ll