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I'm Bree from the sunshine state of Florida.
I'm 15 years young .
I have 4 kitties and a puppy.
I like to give to charity and do community service.
I'm very nice (I think).
I heart making new friends,
and getting random gifts,
and messages.
Send me pretty much anything besides chainmail,
I'll just delete it anyways so don't even bother.
Hopefully by now you have found out that they don't work.
More about me? Well...
My favorite music is rock/alternative but, I'm basically open to any type of music.
I love animals (who dosen't) and music (I'm in the chorus).
My favorite color is green (but, I'm really starting to dig blue too).
I don't have a specific style I'm just always super duper casual.
Anyways I guess thats it about me.
Sour signing out!!!
☮ℓєαvє мє cσммєитs☮
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